Pounce Play and Stay

Pounce Play Stay suites and interior
Pounce Play and Stay suites

A series of posts about places to take your furry friends in and around our amazing neighborhood. 

Opening Pounce Play and Stay, a local cat hotel, has been a labor of love for Lisa Hernandez, owner, and Jennifer Krause, manager. They both have backgrounds caring and advocating for animals. Lisa used to work as an Animal Control Officer and Cruelty Investigator for the Louisiana SPCA and Jennifer worked for nearly a decade for Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles.

A year ago, Lisa opened Pounce Play and Stay in the bottom story of “The Dairy,” an apartment complex located between Graham and Stanton on MLK. Lisa and Jen consulted pet physics and feng shui experts while designing the space, and they assembled the wooden suites that the cats sleep in themselves. Pounce Play and Stay has a capacity of 21 cats and has been at full capacity every holiday since they opened.

Cats that are dropped off at Pounce Play and Stay are treated regally. They are showered with individualized attention and love. Pounce Play and Stay employees send daily text updates and videos of the beloved cats to their owners while they are on vacation. Pounce Play and Stay charges $30 a night for their services. They are open from 9-6 Monday through Saturday and welcome anyone to come check out the facilities!

In addition to the cat hotel, Pounce also offers in-home pet care and dog walking service too.  Check out their website, stop by or call for more information.

Pounce Play and Stay
2808 NE MLK, Jr. Blvd., Suite J
(503) 756 – 1273