Hot Diggity!

Hot Diggity dog walker walking a dog
Hot Diggity! Dog Walking. Photo by Marico Fayre.

A series of posts about places to take your furry friends in and around our amazing neighborhood. 

Hot Diggity! Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services is a locally and independently owned and operated service based in NE Portland. All of the dog walkers are bonded and insured, and are highly trained in Pet First-Aid, so you can have peace of mind when you’re leaving your pooch with a walker for the afternoon.

Is your pup is highly energetic? No worries, Hot Diggity! offers dog running as well, and will design a route through Eliot to wear your dog out.

Hot Diggity! also offers vacation pet sitting where a sitter will drop into your home several times a day, in addition to offering overnight pet sitting. And if you just have a long day at work, Hot Diggity! can pop in for a potty break too.

Lastly, and highly unique, the service offers an availability guarantee for pet sitting—if you are an established client (meaning you’ve submitted paperwork), you only have to give Hot Diggity! a 72 hour notice and they’ll guarantee that they’ll make space for you and your pooch in their schedule.

As someone who has scrambled at the last minute to find coverage for a pet, knowing that availability is guaranteed provides real peace of mind. And in case you’re wondering—Hot Diggity! will watch your feline friend at home along with your dog when you step out of town.

Hot Diggity!