Fetch Doggie Day Care

Orange Dog Statue outside of Fetch
Fetch Orange Dog

A series of posts about places to take your furry friends in and around our amazing neighborhood. 

According to their website, Fetch Doggie Daycare provides a fun, safe, and loving environment where dogs can socialize, frolic, and bask in the affection of their experienced staff.  They are equipped with approximately 3,200 sq. ft. of indoor play-space, plenty of toys, play-structures and comfy furniture.

Every dog in their care is a celebrated member of the Fetch Family! Each dog can expect to be treated with love and respect.  They don’t over-crowd, and take the time to get to know each and every dog as an individual!

Other services available are dog grooming both during day care service and also a self–serve grooming option too.  You don’t have to be a day care client to use the self-serve grooming area.

Fetch Doggie Day Care
2021 NE MLK Jr Blvd


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