Poochie Mama

A series of posts about places to take your furry friends in and around our amazing neighborhood. 

Jody Guth, aka Poochie Mama, started her dog walking and pet sitting business 17 years ago.  She loves her job and has excellent references from clients who she still works with now after their second and even third dogs!

Poochie Mama take dogs to different local parks Monday through Friday between noon and 4pm.  She picks up each dog from their home and then all head out to play for roughly an hour and a half.  She can also take out dogs individually.

In addition Poochie Mama can have dogs stay in her home.  This can be from a single overnight to a month or more.  “We start with a meet and greet so we can all get to know each other, and so you can be assured I’m a good fit for you. Your 4-legged darlin’ will get the run of my home and is treated as my own.  Many insist on sleeping with me like they do at their own homes and I’ve been known to share a bed with as many as 3 canines – plus a human partner!” says Guth. She will not have more than 3 dogs staying with her at time  (4 if more than one from the same family or there will be a short turnover).   She wants to be able to give as much attention to each dog that stays with her as she can.  Guth says, “They each get gobs of love and attention from both my partner and myself, several walks per day and a big fenced back yard to roam in.”

In the event of an illness or emergency she has two back up colleagues who are equally qualified and loving to help out. You may find many lovely pet sitters who are looking to make money while they are on summer break, and/or between jobs, etc., however, if you are looking for long-term and consistent, reliable 24/7 care for your four-legged family members, it would be wise to go with a pet sitter who has been in business, or plans on being in this business as their main concern.  Feel free to give her a call or email if you are looking for daily walks or overnight visits for your beloved fur-kids.

Poochie Mama’s schedule is currently open for additional daily walks/park-romps.  She also has available bookings for some days in July, August and October for overnights and also more availability later in the year.

Jody Guth, aka Poochie Mama