Map of indoor radon risk levels for NE portland
Radon Map

Environmental Works LLC is proud to be launching our #RADONFREE campaign! This campaign is a community service outreach program that helps Portland homeowners be informed about the dangers of radon and get their homes tested.

Radon is a radioactive soil gas that enters homes and buildings. It comes from the breakdown of uranium found in the bedrock. The Portland Metro and Southwest Washington’s geology contain high levels of radon and though this gas is naturally occurring, it is extremely dangerous. Radon is the number 1 cause of lung cancer among non-smokers and kills over 21,000 people per year.

Both the Environmental Protection Agency and the World Health Organization have issued strict limits on the amount of radon that is “acceptable” in homes and more recently Portland residents voted for a bill that will put 1 million dollars towards mitigating radon in public schools.

We have been partnering with neighborhood associations to help spread the word about the dangers of radon in homes through presentations at local association meetings and other events.

Environmental Works wants every homeowner in the Portland Metro area to get their homes tested for this toxic gas so residents who attended the informational meetings received a free home test kit. Neighborhood residents may refer neighbors who do not attend a meeting to purchase a test kit for the at-cost price of $10.

Join us in helping Portland be #RADONFREE.

By Lucy Hobbs

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