Cascadia’s 52-unit Apartment Building

Garlington Center Housing
Garlington Center Housing

Garlington Place Apartments will open its doors in February 2018, offering 52 housing options including studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. The four-story apartments will anchor the northern corner of Monroe Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, offering 31 units for anyone qualified, with preference for former North and Northeast Portland residents.  In addition, 10 units will be for Veterans who qualify and who are facing homelessness, as well as 10 units for people with mental health challenges. Cascadia began accepting Garlington Place applications through the Portland Housing Bureau’s Preference Policy on Monday, October 16th in anticipation of new tenants moving in as soon as February 2018.  This article is the third in a series describing Cascadia’s Garlington Health and Wellness campus, and explains the Garlington Place amenities and application process.

When Garlington Place Apartments opens in a few months, it will offer a unique, beautiful, and thoughtful place for people to call home. Cascadia has carefully planned the process. They plan to hire a half-time resident services coordinator and a full time on-site manager to support integration into the community, as well as an application support staff. Check websites of both Portland Housing Bureau and Cascadia Behavioral Health for details.

Garlington Place was designed for bringing people together. “The design of the building, from the inception of integrating health and housing, to the site design, kitchen and exercise, is part of encouraging people to connect with  the community and improve their lives and health,” according to Jim Hlava, VP of Cascadia Housing. Living at the heart of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and Monroe Street will include Garlington health and wellness activities, as well as access to Eliot’s eclectic mix of nonprofits, faith centers, music and art venues, and restaurants.

Cascadia is one of the largest mental health providers in the state and employs nearly 1,000 staff in Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington and Lane Counties. Garlington Place is Cascadia’s newest housing complex and will be the first to serve a mixture of tenants and offer a place to reconnect for those whose families’ properties were impacted by urban renewal. Cascadia has decided to utilize the City of Portland’s N/NE Portland Housing Preference Policy by setting aside 31 of the 52 units for individuals and families with deep historic roots in the N/NE neighborhoods and who also qualify for the Cascadia housing 60% median family income qualifications.

Garlington Place will include:

  • 6 studio units, 40 one bedroom units, 5 two bedroom units and 1 Manager unit
  • Close proximity to public transportation
  • Secure bike storage for each unit
  • Earth Advantage platinum certification
  • Energy efficient heating/cooling systems and appliances; LED lighting
  • Onsite stormwater management, low-flow plumbing fixtures, water sub metering
  • High durability materials, appliances, fixtures and surfaces that will help improve the long-term use of the apartments

The majority of the apartments, 31 units, will be Preference and income qualified units but Cascadia has also partnered to house Veterans and its own clients: 10 units will be for Veterans who qualify and who are facing homelessness, as well as 10 units for people with mental health challenges.

For the Preference Policy, the Housing Bureau will score applications based upon current or prior address in N/NE Portland with the following expected outcomes:

  • Give preference to individuals and families based on the amount of urban renewal activity that occurred where they lived
  • Address generational displacement of families by urban renewal
  • Give preference to families regardless of where they currently live
  • Give top priority to families with property taken by the city
  • Housing and Social Justice through Housing, Hope and Homes

When the City, Federal government and Emanuel Hospital demolished housing because of the development of the Memorial Coliseum, the freeway, and then the proposed Emanuel Hospital expansion (which never took place at the Russell/Williams/Vancouver blocks), families were left with a few options and a loss of wealth created by ownership. Government actions during the 60s and 70s such as redlining took away homes and impacted the poor and minority owners. Eliot is still recovering as it continues to build housing like the Garlington Place.

Over the last two years, Northeast residents have watched the Garlington Health and Wellness Center develop from concept to construction, with community involvement ramping up in the last year. Long-time residents and faith members may recall Reverend Dr. John Garlington who stood for the health of the community and advocated successfully in Northeast Portland to open clinics and support social justice. Cascadia Behavioral Health purchased the site in 2006, occupying it as its primary Northeast location while planning for the new center.

The new Garlington Place Apartments are the next step in the integrated vision when it opens in February. In March 2018, the Garlington Health Center will re-open as the Cascadia Health and Wellness Center, providing an integrated housing and healthcare solution. This will include the primary and mental health services in the same block as the Garlington Place apartments.

For Further Information

Portland Housing Bureau and Cascadia Behavioral Health are working together to provide assistance so check out their websites for additional hours to gain in-person application assistance. Cascadia will release a Frequently Asked Questions section for those seeking more information.

The Garlington Center History

The Center is named in honor of the late Rev. Dr. John W. Garlington, Jr , a prominent leader and advocate for the African American community in Portland during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Building a Culture of Caring

If you would like more information or would like to support Cascadia’s efforts, visit or contact