LUTC Meeting Minutes 2017-12-11

Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee Minutes
December 11, 2017

Meeting begins 7:00pm
Committee: Allan, Clint, Phil
Other Attendees: Nick Falbo, PBOT. Brad Baker

  1. 1. Portland Bureau of Transporation- Nick Falbo- NE Broadway High Crash Corridor discussion
    Members discussed current pedestrian hostility on Broadway, especially with respect to the Eliot section. Many parking lots dominate the Eliot section of Broadway, the road seems too wide, no on-street parking, 2 lanes at Broadway bridge come out of 4 lanes for no reason. Bicyclists have to get to the bridge, but bike lanes are narrow and near heavy traffic which makes them undesirable.2. south Eliot & Parking – Possible Permit Program effort- Brad Baker
    Brad started conversing with the city about Parking concerns in South Eliot (events at Wonder Ballroom and Rose Garden dominate parking concerns, daytime parking seems to be consumed by commuters). It is possible that a Williams area parking permit program may be addressed as well

    3. Micro-Housing at Fargo and N Williams (developer has not committed to coming, I am still discussing)
    Comments from developer can be found here

    4. Updates + Public Comment
    We need to have committee elections.


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