Meet the Board – Sue Stringer

Sue Stringer

“Meet the board” is a series of posts to help you get to know the members of your Eliot Neighborhood Association Board.

Sue is fairly new to Eliot. She has lived in the neighborhood for the last five years but has lived in Portland on and off for 21 years.  Sue joined the board as the  Eliot News Editor in 2014. She joined the board because she wanted to get more connected with the neighborhood and meet new neighbors.

Working on the newsletter, with a team of equally enthusiastic collaborators, she looks forward to learning about the history of Eliot, what it now has to offer and share those stories with the community at large.  Something even her friends may not know about her is that she plays 3 different instruments—piano, guitar and a little mandolin–and enjoys singing too. During the week Susan works as a business manager for a family run business selling swallowing rehabilitation products.  When she’s not working she likes to garden, read, cook with her daughter, hike and bike and go camping with her husband and two kids.  Susan sees the future Eliot as a more connected neighborhood with a larger number of neighbors participating in events like the neighborhood clean-up, and music events at Dishman Park.