Parking Permit? We Want to Hear from You

Parking permit sign in NW Portland for zone M
Parking permit sign in NW Portland

The Eliot Neighborhood Association is exploring the idea of an area parking permit (APP) for on-street parking. The program would enable residents to purchase a $60 per year permit to park in the parking permit area.

We’d love to hear your input. Go here to fill out a quick survey and share your thoughts:

Some of the common arguments for APPs are:

  • It makes it easier to park on your block or in front of your house since residents aren’t competing with commuters or Blazers fans parking in the area.
  • APPs make the neighborhood safer for pedestrians and cyclists since there are fewer drivers cruising through the neighborhood looking for parking spots.
  • Parking permits will lead to more available on-street parking. When new construction is built, there will be less need for garages, driveways, etc. This drives down the cost of construction and makes more space available for housing.

Some common arguments against APPs are:

  • There isn’t a parking shortage in the specified area.
  • The parking shortage isn’t bad enough to warrant paying $60 a year or having to go through the process of getting permits.
  • APPs only help those in the permit area and it makes parking worse for those outside the area.

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