LUTC Meeting Minutes 2018-09-10

Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee Minutes

September 10, 2018
<DRAFT> Minutes not yet approved

In attendance: Allan, Clint, Phil, Jonathan (all committee members).  Mark Reed (developer)

7:03 <Mark Reed> Lot split at 521 NE San Rafael-  they need 2 variances including one to put the lot line only 6 inches from the edge of the existing house.  The goal of the committee is to keep the existing 1895 house, so we were generally supportive as long as the future construction involves the new house and/or fence being a sensible distance away from the existing house.  We are excited for this type of infill keeping the street fabric mostly in-tact

7:25 <Committee> Future membership & Leadership

We will be electing a new slate of committee members and officers next month.  The committee is down to 5 active members, 2 of which are thinking of leaving the committee.  We need to do some recruiting.  Some ideas were discussed.

Odds and ends: Jonathan has a blog about housing typologies

Minutes June need some work, were not approved yet.

Adjourned around 8:00pm

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