LUTC Meeting Minutes 2018-10-08

Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee Minutes

Committee in Attendance: Allan, Clint, Jonathan, Brad

Guest presenter: Brandon Spencer

7:05 <Brandon Spencer, Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability> Conservation Overlay Zone update

There was a very long and informative discussion.  Key points:

  • proposed changes will not do very much for the Eliot Conservation District.
  • They will allow more flexibility to homeowners with developing other parts of their sites as an incentive to keeping the historic homes intact.
  • Demolition of contributing structures to a Conservation district may require a fee of 10% of the real market value of the site to discourage demolishing historic homes.
  • New process for creating additional conservation districts and modifying the borders of existing ones. (Currently there is no way to make changes)
  • Occasional reviews of the contributing/non-contributing status of structures – this has only been done once in the 1989-1993 timeframe.

Land Use Committee Members seemed generally supportive of these changes.  We may want to comment in support as the proposal comes out in writing within the next month.

8:20 Land Use Committee elections.

Motion (approved 4-0) to recommend to the Eliot NA board a committee of: Allan, Clint, Jonathan, Brad and an open invite for Phil.  Included in the motion: Board should know that we are seeking out additional members, we feel that our committee has dwindled a bit lately.

Motion (approved 4-0): to recommend to the Eliot NA Board officers: Brad as Chair, Jonathan continuing as Vice Chair, Allan as Recorder.

Meeting adjourned around 8:45pm