Board Meeting Agenda 2019-01-21

agendaEliot Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting Agenda
January 21, 2019 6:30 – 8:30 pm
St Philips the Deacon
120 NE Knott St

Open meeting 6:30 pm, Welcome guests, Introductions

Move to accept December meeting minutes

New business

  1. Dog off-leash issue at Irving Park. Ryan Gallagher, Sabin/King neighborhood
  2. Recruiting Assistant with the US Bureau of the Census. They are hiring to staff the 2020 Decennial Census–Paul Millius 503 287 6754
  3. Shariff Abdullah inclusion trainer
  4. Walnut Square shelter dinner and dominoes

Old Business

  1. Clean Air WAIN report
  2. Committee Reports
    • Newsletter-Susan
    • LUTC-boundary with Boise Neighborhood-Brad
    • Livability-Jere
    • Community Relations-Jimmy
    • South Eliot Action Team-Brad
    • NECN-Jere
    • Treasurer-Jim

Adjourn 8:30 pm


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