Eliot’s Suggested Contacts for the Freeway Expansion

The proposed I-5 expansion through Eliot and the Rose Quarter will have a dramatic impact on our air quality, traffic, and safety. ODOT is asking for feedback now through April 1st.

In addition to sending your feedback to ODOT, please also consider sending feedback to our elected leaders who also have sway over the project.

ODOT I5-Expansion Feedback

Oregon Transportation Commission Chief of Staff
Cooper Brown – Cooper.H.BROWN@odot.state.or.us

Our State Representatives
Senator Lew Frederick – Sen.LewFrederick@oregonlegislature.gov
Representative Tawna Sanchez – Rep.TawnaSanchez@oregonlegislature.gov

Portland City Council
Mayor Wheeler – MayorWheeler@portlandoregon.gov
Commissioner Eudaly – Chloe@portlandoregon.gov
Commissioner Fish – Nick@portlandoregon.gov
Commissioner Fritz – amanda@portlandoregon.gov
Commissioner Hardesty – JoAnn@portlandoregon.gov

Multnomah County
Chair Kafoury – mult.chair@multco.us
Commissioner Jayapal – district2@multco.us

Councilor Sam Chase – sam.chase@oregonmetro.gov
Metro Council President Lynn Peterson – lynn.peterson@oregonmetro.gov