Legacy Emanuel Medical Center to Begin Large Tree Planting Project around the 50-Acre Campus

By Vicki Guinn

On Tuesday, March 5 at 10 am near the main entrance of Legacy Emanuel Medical Center there was a tree planting ceremony. The medical center will receive and plant 30 trees in the first phase of a larger tree planting on the 50-acre campus, which includes Randall Children’s Hospital and the Legacy Oregon Burn Center. This year and next, up to 150 trees will be planted.

Legacy Emanuel, nestled in an established Portland neighborhood, has three therapeutic and award-winning healing gardens and a marked one-mile loop around the perimeter. “Trees add to the landscaping and create a healthier and more welcoming environment for our staff, neighbors, patients, and visitors,” says Teresia Hazen, Legacy Health coordinator of therapeutic gardens. “In addition to the aesthetic benefits, trees create cleaner air and cools our campus.”

Trees will be planted by VOZ staff, a worker-led organization that empowers diverse day laborers and immigrants. VOZ has a new green workforce training program.
The trees are being provided by the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services as part of its effort to plant trees to manage stormwater in the city. Trees are essential green infrastructure that absorbs and filters stormwater. Since 2010, Environmental Services has planted 3,184 trees at 969 non-residential properties.

Photo credits Vicki Guinn