Rentals Using Novel Construction Available Soon

By Susan Bailey

Earlier this year Baileywick Properties pioneered the use of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels for small apartment construction.  CLTs have been used in a handful of larger projects in Portland, but this is believed to be a first for a small project where construction costs are critical.  In this case, they were used to speed the building process and reduce the disruption of neighbors. (see the picture of the first week’s construction).

While the building was quickly erected, the pandemic slowed the remainder of the process.  What should have been a 6-month build isn’t expected to be complete until January – 6 months late. 

First Cross Laminated Timber in small construction used in new townhomes in Eliot. Photo credit Susan Bailey

The build consists of four townhome units with 2 bedrooms and a bath upstairs and living space and a powder room downstairs.  This style of construction and separate entries should be attractive to tenants wanting more privacy, social distance, and the ability to work from home (see the finished project).  The use of CLTs led to an interior design that capitalizes on the wood panel surfaces, including wood windows and doors, and wood floors and trim work for a “Danish Modern” feel.  Pricing and occupancy aren’t certain yet, but rent is expected to be around $2,000 a month with availability early next year.  Contact Susan at or (503) 806-3502 for more information. 

New townhomes available soon. Photo credit Susan Bailey