Life During Covid – A Middle School Perspective

By Helen Cruz-Uribe

Online school this year has been pretty weird and also pretty annoying. Doing online school, for me at least, feels less fun and more difficult than normal school. It’s been difficult to do all of the work of school without any of the fun parts like getting to hang out with friends, getting to watch movies in class or any fun school events.

Classes have to be dedicated to getting work done because we see our teachers so little, so there isn’t any time to have any fun in class. Electives, especially performance electives like dance, band, or color guard, also feel less fun because we don’t actually get to get to perform which is one of the best parts of those classes.

Not seeing friends is also hard but I still manage to connect with them through working together on projects in class. Trying to figure out all of the new complicated online learning tools is annoying, as is dealing with technical difficulties. Keeping up with work is also trickier when you’re not actually in class every day, and when your only way to communicate with your teacher and ask questions is through Email.

Online school isn’t all bad though and there are a few perks. I have a lot more free time to do things that I like to do, I have been able to get a lot more sleep, and I have been able to start running. So overall I know online school is necessary and it hasn’t been all bad, but I am still looking forward to hopefully going back to normal school next year.