Gladys McCoy Memorial Garden Update:   Nike and Teens Help Tidy Up the Garden

By Kate Thomspon and Sue Stringer

The Gladys McCoy Memorial Garden is looking all spruced up because of its recent help from several different organizations and volunteers.

In the middle of June, the high school mission team from several nearby churches helped by spreading mulch over the area to be planted in the Fall, when the rain begins.  The mulch will enhance the soil and help with moisture retention when the drought-resistant plants are put in place. 

Friends and neighbors continue to be helpful in picking up litter on a regular basis.

John Barker brought in some heavy equipment to remove some of the old plantings and invasive species.

Nike employees continue to be a huge help with weeding the garden.

The roses are in full bloom, and maybe the begonias will bloom soon too. Stop by and check out the garden and if you want to volunteer and become a Gladys Garden Gnome, contact Kate Thompson at

As Kate says, “Onward together!”