Eliot LUTC Development Feedback Framework

In order to have more productive and transparent conversations with developers and the city, Eliot Neighborhood Association’s Land Use and Transportation Committee drafted the Development Feedback Framework.

The intent of the framework is to make it clear to neighbors, developers, and the city what we prioritize and what benefits we hope to see from proposed developments. By being able to point to these priorities, our feedback process is streamlined, we are able to provide consistent feedback to developers, and we don’t have to re-litigate our goals with each proposal.


The Eliot Neighborhood is a welcoming neighborhood right outside of the central city with great access to jobs, schools, and services.


The following are the outcomes we are advocating for the neighborhood to achieve.

  1. Affordability – Those who live in the neighborhood should be able to afford to stay and it should be affordable to those who would like to move here.
  2. Increased Housing Supply – The more housing in Eliot, the more neighbors who will be able to enjoy it. More supply citywide will put downward pressure on prices. More neighbors living affordably means more money for restaurants, shops, and local services.
  3. Preservation of Historic Housing – We want to preserve the contributing resources within the Eliot Conservation District
  4. Intelligently designed projects – Good access for people and city-friendly mobility (wheelchairs, bikes, etc.). Minimal/No curb-cuts. Windows and porches facing the street


We will strive to provide feedback on projects as frequently as is feasible and will advocate for outcomes that are in line with the above priorities. We will support variances and adjustments in projects if we feel they help achieve the above priorities.

Conflict Between Priorities

Our priorities are roughly ranked, so when a conflict arises, we will generally support higher-ranked priorities.