Eliot Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 5/17/21

Board Present:

  • Allan Rudwick, Co Chair
  • Jimmy Wilson, Co Chair
  • Sue Stringer, Treasurer
  • Jennifer Wilcox, Recorder
  • Patricia Montgomery, Community Outreach
  • Shireen Hasan, Community Outreach
  • Johnny Engleheart

Guests Present:

  • Miguel Guerro
  • Julie Doumbia
  • Andrew Champion

Welcome and Introductions 7:02pm

Agenda Additions

Concerns about Dawson Park:

Neighbors brought up ongoing concerns about the activities in Dawson Park and on Stanton street. Reviewed what has been happening and what has been done to address it including meeting with the North Precinct and testifying at City Hall.  Many neighbors on Stanton Street have moved out in the past year because of the increased criminal activity. Many suggestions were made for how to address the issue.  There was also discussion on the root causes of the situation.

Action items:

  • Jimmy will bring information to the group about putting up billboards in the neighborhood
  • Shireen has convened a small group to follow up on the meeting with Lou Frederick.  She will report back at a future ENA meeting
  • Hill Block:

There was discussion about the development of the Hill Block and what position the ENA should take. 

Action Item:

  • Present both sides of the issue in the next newsletter
  • Neighborhood updates
    • LUTC
  • There is a building going up on MLK between Tillamook and Thompson that will be a company headquarters, they want to have roll down doors to make it like a fortress when they are not there.  The LUTC sent a letter objecting to the roll down doors. They also asked them to consider selling or developing the rest of their land.
  • wrote a letter in support of infill plan, so that blocks can be subdivided
  • design overlay commercial amendment
    • Dawson Park Concerts

Shireen, Allan, Jennifer, Pat have been talking about this and gave an update on plans.  Much discussion and ideas for how to move forward. Meetings are held on Thursday at 6, everyone is welcome to join.

Action Items

  • Jimmy agreed to barbecue but will need help he will cook and bring equipment, Sue and Johnny agreed help
  • Sue put form up on website for vendors
  • Street Painting –

This has been done in the past and has been a fun, family based activity which brings the community together.  Discussed options.

Action Items:

  • Allan will coordinate with Jere to get the paint and will hold for two years
  • Newsletter: June 1 deadline

Sue gave an update on the upcoming issue and requested suggestions for content.

Action Items:

  • Shireen will write up a brief update on the community garden at St. Phillip the Deacon Episcopal Church
  • Allan moved, Sue seconded that we approve the April minutes as amended.  Motion passed.
  • Adjourn 9:24