Eliot Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 6/21/21

Board Present:

  • Allan Rudwick, Co Chair
  • Sue Stringer, Treasurer
  • Jennifer Wilcox, Recorder
  • Patricia Montgomery, Community Outreach
  • Shireen Hasan, Community Outreach
  • Harrison Osbourn

Guests Present:

  • Eduardo, Albina Library administrator
  • Tess Fields, Home Share Oregon
  • Andrew Champion

Welcome and Introductions 7:02

  • Presentation from HomeShare Oregon(Tess Fields)

Home Share Oregon is a 501C3 that  launched last year. Their goal is to shift the cultural norm and encourage people to embrace home sharing.  We are in an affordable housing crisis across the country. Home Share Oregon has partnered with SilverNest which has an app, similar to a dating app, which matches renters to homeowners who are compatible.

They are hoping to increase access to affordable housing one spare bedroom at a time

How can we help? Shift the norm, post on social media, share in meetings, they are looking for volunteers.

  • Albina Library re-opened at Knott street location, limited to hold pick up and more in depth questions.  They can do free printing. They also just started their summer reading program  https://multcolib.org/summer-reading
  • (Board) Dawson Park Concert- July 22nd – update

The city is not doing their usual concerts so we are doing it ourselves, we need to get the word out, we need to find a band ASAP, we need to get sponsors, letter to businesses good to go, Nike may sponsor or give us volunteers.  The committee meets on Thursdays at 6 if you would like to join and help.

  • Neighborhood updates
    • LUTC: had presentation from individual about the Albina rail yard, trying to get data from Union Pacific
    • Clean Air Team: Have been in contact with other neighborhood associations (Overlook, Arbor Lodge, Boise) lots of good energy, lots of data has come out that shows how bad the air is.   The group has sent letters to the largest polluters/ organizations with the most unfiltered diesel trucks.
    • Newsletter: still getting it finished up, have flyer for concert in the works, lots of new advertisers and returning advertisers
  • Adjourn 8:12

Next meeting will be held in person. July 19th 7pm