Eliot Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 9/20/21

Board present

  • Jimmy Wilson, Co Chair
  • Allan Rudwick, Co ChaIR
  • Johnny Engleheart
  • Sue Stringer, Treasurer
  • Shireen Hasan, Community Outreach
  • Pat Montgomery, Community Outreach
  • Jennifer Wilcox, Recorder

Guests present

  • Reed Harrison
  • Laura Schuchardt
  • Alice Newman
  • Andrew Champion

Welcome and Introductions – 7:00pm

Neighborhood Updates

  • Concerts-
    • Final concert is Oct 7.  There was some discussion about the timing given the sun will be setting earlier.  We will start at 4 and should be fine.  Multnomah County Commissioner Jaypal will be speaking at the next concert.
    • We made about $200 at the last concert, and will not have much opportunity to make money at the next concert.  We will probably just break even over all four.  We have gotten most of our sponsorship money in, waiting on a few more sponsors.  ExNovo will pay us at the end, have not connected with Lottie and Zukes. 
    • Some Dawson park neighbors noticing that crime has reduced since the concerts have been happening.  Other neighbors disagree with this assessment.
  • Fall Newsletter –
    • will be publishing on Tuesday
    • Sue will be stepping down from doing the newsletter so this will be her final issue.  She is happy to help the next person learn how to do it. 
  • Elections to the Board in October / Officers in November
  • LUTC update – diverters + RIP
    • Talked with PBOT about possible diversion on Stanton.  They say it is the same issue that every other street in Portland has.  May change some signage on a one way street that is having some issues and change some barrels to concrete diverters.  Also discussed infill plan. Have gotten some positive feedback for that.

Minutes: Sue moved, Johnny seconded to approve minutes from August meeting. Approved with one abstention.

Public Comment

  • One neighbor noted they have been seeing a lot of needles in their block. Can we get a sharps drop point set up? The closest one is not very close (7th and Alberta)
    • Action Item: Jennifer will follow up on if there is one at Cascadia and how to get a few for the neighborhood.
    • Action Item: TPI has one downtown, would they be willing to host one at their site at Williams and Sacramento?  Laura will reach out to the TPI contact we met with last meeting.
  • What is the current amount of money in the Neighborhood Bank account? $14,00.45.  Have some expenses still outstanding. Much of that money is from advertisers for the Eliot News advertisers. We need to keep about $1200 in reserve per newsletter issue.  Still have expenses for the final concert.  Probably about $5500 available outside of concert and newsletter expenses.
  • Jimmy moved that we donate $1000 to the Elks to help with their fire damage. Pat seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
    • Action Item: Sue will reach out to the Elks.  Invite someone from the Elks to the concert to receive the money
    • We will also take donations at the concert for the Elks..
    • Action Item: Pat will reach out to her friend from the Elks to potentially speak at the concert.
  • Will cancel December meeting

Adjourn 7:54