Eliot Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 8/16/21



  • Jimmy Wilson, Co Chair
  • Alan Rudwick, Co Chair
  • Sue Stringer, Treasurer
  • Jennifer Wilcox, Recorder
  • Pat Montgomery, Community Outreach
  • Shireen Hasan, Community Outreach
  • Johnny Engleheart
  • Harrison Osbourn


  • Kiley Yuthas, Transition Projects
  • Laura Fay
  • Chris Yeargers
  • Sarah Kerwin, North Precinct PPB
  • Andrew Champion
  • Kristin and Adam
  • Jack Vollert, Friends of the Children jvollert@friendspdx.org
  • Johanna Brenner, Portland Committee on Community Engaged Policing
  • Eduardo
  • Kim VanEaton
  • KP

Welcome and Introductions – 7:00pm

Agenda Additions? No Additions

Discussing Stanton Street Crime which continues to get worse:

  • There was general discussion about the situation on Stanton street which continues to be a challenge.  A major problem is the garbage which several people from the neighborhood try to address regularly. Another difficulty is the fact that cars race down Stanton street regularly. There were also reports of weapons and someone trying to take a child out of a stroller.
  • Some solutions suggested were to install a camera system, to block off the street to stop the racing, and to continue to call the non-emergency number to report crimes.
  • Action Items: Officer Kerwin will speak with her supervisor to find out if it would be possible to set up a camera system to help monitor the activity.  She will also talk with the district officer to patrol through when staffing and the call load allow it. And she will follow up on the possibility of blocking off the street to cut down on the racing.
  • [Kiley Yuthas] Transition Projects presentation, helping transition into stable and permanent housing
  • TPI helps folks transition from homeless to housing
  • Have been working over 5 decades, assist more than 10,00 people per year
  • 3 outreach teams, connect people with resources, hand out water snacks, know the community, help support people until they are ready to transition
  • Bud Clark Commons resource center, main referral source for all other programs
  • 8 permanent shelters, variety of populations and services  high barrier, low barrier, etc
  • Build and operate permanent housing and offer a variety of supports
  • How can you help?
  •  [Johanna] PCCEP letter
  • The Portland Committee on Community Engaged Policing (PCCEP) was established as part of a court case because Portland was found to be discriminatory against people with mental illness
  • The Portland Committee on Community Engaged Policing (PCCEP) was charged by Mayor Wheeler in June 2020 with reviewing Core Patrol services of the Portland Police Bureau(PPB).
  • link to report: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/pccep/article/783958
  • PCCEP hopes to get the report acted upon, not just sit on a shelf
  • PCCEP would like Eliot Neighborhood Association to sign on to a letter supporting the recommendations in the report and ask Mike Myers to ensure they are fully implemented
  • Allan moved that ENA sign on to the letter, Pat seconded, motion passed
  • Neighborhood Updates
    • LUTC update – I-5 project change news
  • governor pushing for a compromise that will keep the project moving forward, still has all the concerns we previously had
    • Fall Newsletter – call for articles, October issue coming up, need articles by September 1, want to have it out in time to advertise final concert, any help anyone can give would be great, Johnny might send photos of the neighborhood, news@eliotneiborhood.org
    • Treasurer Report: Current
  • $14,707.39 in the bank,
  • received check from Legacy for $1500 today,
  • Multnomah county will be giving us $500 for the concerts,
  • most concert expenses have been reimbursed already,
  • if you need reimbursement contact Sue
  • Allan moved that we offer a $200 stipend to people who are making the concerts happen, Johnny seconded, motion modified to $250, motion tabled
    • Concerts- upcoming Aug 26, Sept 16, Oct 7
  • Nike offering volunteers, 3 volunteers per shift
  • will also give us raffle items, will ask for 5 for this time (socks, backpack, hat)
  • Action Item: apply for the Nike community impact grant,
  • [board] MOTION: Approve minutes from previous 2 meetings.
  • Sue moved the July minutes be approved as corrected, Allan seconded, motion passed
  • Allan moved, Sue seconded for June minutes to be approved, motion passed
  • Public Comment:
    • add cameras to the agenda for next meeting, suggested everyone research to have prices by next meeting
    • Also suggested we collaborate with the church on a camera system
    • KGW connected with Andrew and Harrison about the drug dealing, Allan is willing to be the face for the interview, Jimmy is concerned about putting someone at risk
    • discussed the desire to block off the street, PBOT will be here next month to discuss that idea, may need to get support from the black churches and Urban League to support the idea of closing off the street.
    • Action Item:  Allan will draft a letter and Pat will deliver it to the Black churches and will contact the Urban League
  • Adjourn 8:54