Eliot Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 11/21/22

Submitted by Laura Fay – Approved


Board Present

  • Jimmy Wilson – Co-Chair
  • Allan Rudwick – Co-Chair 
  • Jennifer Wilcox – Treasurer
  • Elliot Armstrong – Newsletter Editor
  • Shireen Hasan – Lead Community Outreach
  • Andrew Champion
  • Laura Fay
  • Nate Jones
  • Kathryn LePore
  • Serena Li
  • Steffanie Lorentzen
  • Pat Montgomery
  • Cassie Muilenburg
  • Alice Newman

Other Attendees::

Quanita Wilson

Bliss Suh

Tessa Fowler, VOA MRC

Owing to technical issues, Webex attendees were only able to access meeting audio.

Welcome and Introductions: Jimmy Wilson called the meeting to order at 7:10pm


MOTION: Jimmy Wilson called for a motion to approve Minutes from the October 17, 2022 meeting [Link]. Jennifer Wilcox seconded. The motion passed 13 to one, with one abstention.


Serena Li reviewed the suggested meeting rules [Link]. Board members discussed the need to define consequences for conduct violating our agreements. Additionally board members need agree to an action that will pause a meeting that has drifted. Lastly, we need to talk about a rotating moderator to keep the meeting moving in a timely manner. 

Serena agreed to act as this meeting’s moderator. The co-chairs will run the meeting, the moderator’s function will be to monitor the clock.

It was agreed that we would implement the rules as currently defined, but continue to revisit and refine them.

Allen Rudwick called for a motion to approve the new meeting rules. Serena seconded. The motion passed 11 to 3, with two no votes and one abstention. 


Cassie Muilenberg reported on a community safety meeting she and Jimmy attended earlier in the day with representatives from the city, the district attorney’s office, the police, the mayor’s office, community leaders, among others. The tangible outcomes:

 – The mayor’s office will shortly release another RFP funding credible messenger programs. Cassie asked for follow up on this, as we know several groups that would be worthy recipients of this funding.

 – The mayor’s office intended to reach out the next day to Legacy hospital to talk about ways they can work together on safety around the park.

 – DA Mike Schmidt is open to partnering on an expungement fair. Board members agreed that eviction expungement must be included in this effort, to remove housing barriers.

 – The North Precinct has requested a letter / email from ENA supporting increased police presence in the neighborhood. 

MOTION: Allan called for a motion to send such a message of support from ENA. Serena seconded. The motion passed 13 to 1, with one board member abstaining. Allen and Bliss Suh agreed to work together on drafting the message, and will provide to the board for approval.

MOTION: Allen called for an amendment to the Good Neighbor Agreement [Context], allowing the Volunteers of American Men’s Resource Center to accept STEP participants for a three-month trial. Nate Jones seconds. The motion passed 11 to 3, with two board members opposing and one abstaining.


Co-chairs: Jimmy Wilson and Pat Montgomery

Treasurer: Jennifer Wilcox

Newsletter Editor: Elliot Armstrong

Assistant Newsletter Editor: Steffanie Lorentzen 

Recorder: Laura Fay

Community Outreach Co-Chairs: Shireen Hasan, Etheric McFarlane and Cassie Muilenburg

Webmaster. Serena Li

MOTION: Allen moved we elect the slate as nominated. Jimmy seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: Allen moved that we elect Bliss Suh to the Board. Serena seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


ELIOT NEWS: Elliot welcomes article submissions, leads on sponsors, and additional help. All are encouraged to reach out to him.

LUTC: Allen reports that ODOT has released a supplemental Rose Quarter Plan. As ENA is party to a lawsuit trying to stop the project, all are encouraged to review and make comments through the public comment website. 

It has been brought to ENA that a minority-owned company had been given a contract related to this project, although the project is not at the stage of awarding construction contracts. There may be confusion around other projects.


Cassie would like a future agenda item to focus on the VOA review board, to discuss how additional members could phase in.

Jimmy requested that future meetings include a report from the treasurer.

Andrew would like to remember the victims of gun violence in Eliot.

Cassie shared that Connected Inc is declaring a state of emergency for gun violence impacting the black community.

The meeting ended at 8:35pm

NEXT MEETING: There is no meeting in December. In recognition of the MLK holiday the next meeting will be held on January 23rd, 2023

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