Uroboros Glass Company

In 1973, in the early days of the American Glass Studio Movement, the local art glass factory Uroboros Glass was born. Traditionally, glass was a substance suited for commercial production only, demanding the infrastructure of a large industrial plant. All that changed in the 1960’s when craftsmen began to make strides in developing small scale glass studios for individual artists. What followed was a very exciting time in the history of the medium of glass, when independent artists with access to these studios (mostly in universities around the U.S.) began to experiment and create one-of-a-kind objects of their own.

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Emanuel Hospital Land Use Update

Proposed building along Kerby
Proposed building along Kerby

Emanuel Hospital representatives recently met with the Eliot Land Use Committee for their annual report.  They are about to embark on a major expansion on the West side of their campus (by Kerby, near I-5).  They will be building a large building on the site with even more parking and a new burn center that would be the first renovation for that center in a long time.  The building looks like a giant wall, but it is not in an area that usually has people walking in it so maybe that is ok.  Members of the committee were not excited about the design of the building, however the improvements to the hospital sound really exciting and it is a huge asset to have a top tier hospital in the area.

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Proposed Development

Development in North Eliot.  P - proposed, C - under construction.  CS- construction staging.
Development in North Eliot. P/Pr – proposed, C – under construction. CS- construction staging.

There are quite a few projects going up right now in and around Eliot.  North Eliot is getting most of the action. The two proposed large six-plus story tower developments at NE Fremont and Williams as well as the project at NE 7th and Russell have driven the most uproar.  However, there are a number of  other developments being proposed  or already under construction.

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Art Glass to the World From Eliot

By Barry Joe Stull

Uroboros is a company named for a symbol of a dragon eating its tail – symbolic of alchemy, the “ancient art” of turning base metals into gold.  Eliot’s Uroboros combines sand and other ingredients to produce art glass in 150 sophisticated color combinations in over a dozen styles and textures.  Uroboros colors stem from chemicals used in making the glass.  Gold produces pinks and purples, copper green, red or aqua blue, cobalt deep blue, and so on.  Textures result from rollers used on the molten glass, and manipulation, such as pushing the molten glass to produce ripples.

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