Clean Up a Huge Success

Clean Up 2015The annual Eliot Clean Up was on May 17th and was a huge success.  We collected over 6 tons of mixed waste, recycled over 100 appliances and televisions, donated  enough clothes, shoes, household items and toys to fill 3 pickup trucks to Good Will, a half a dozen bikes to Community Cycling Center, and about 500 books were either sold to Powell’s books or donated to Title Wave Bookstore.   We gathered donations of more than $1000 which will help the neighborhood association host future events.

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Get ready for Recycling Roll Carts

New recycling roll carts are coming to Portland neighborhoods between May and July. The heart of the new system is replacing the two yellow recycling bins currently used with a single roll cart. All material currently placed in the yellow bins can be combined in the roll cart, except glass. A lid keeps recyclables dry and sturdy wheels make the cart easy to set out. The carts also are easier and safer for trash haulers to collect, since mechanized trucks can tip the carts into the truck. Glass should be placed in one of the remaining yellow bins.

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