Street Car Routes

The city has undertaken a comprehensive look at potential new streetcar routes.  This process is a first step to identify possible routes potentially as a way to begin a longer term planning effort to designate preferred routes and plans to expand the system.  Two routes through Eliot were identified, the Williams/Vancouver couplet and MLK.

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More street car possibilities in Eliot

Portland transportation officials are looking at the Williams/Vancouver corridor and MLK as possible street car routes.

Officials are looking at neighborhood support and whether the street has under-developed property.

Mike Warwick, Eliot resident and longtime land-use committee chairman, says MLK fits the bill perfectly.

And clearly, the street car won’t be built on both streets.

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Street car property assessments (update)

An article in the July 6 issue of The Oregonian discusses how property owners near the Street Car will have to pay assessments to help cover the cost of the east side extension.

The article mentioned how much longtime Eliot resident Pauline Bradford will have to pay, and might leave some with the impression that all property owners near the line will be charged.

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Eliot Bike Boulevard

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance is looking at Northeast Rodney Avenue as a future bike boulevard.

Such a designation could mean a variety of changes to calm traffic. Speed bumps, traffic circles and street resurfacing would be possibilities.

A bike boulevard designation could also include improvements to help bicyclists and pedestrians cross Fremont at Rodney.

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