General Membership Meeting Minutes 2007-04-09


6:30 pm Meeting called to order by Gary Hampton, co-chair.
Present:  Eric Aronson, Howie Bierbaum, Pauline Bradford, Jennifer Jako, Kirsten Jenkins, Carol Kennedy, Clint Lundmark, Naomi Sacks (volunteer recorder), Matt Svymbersky, Chris Yeargers.
Neighbors: over 20 neighbors, see sign-in sheet.

Minutes from Fall meeting: Not available yet.

Announcements: None at beginning of meeting. Near end:
-Significant African-American historical sites in Eliot Lecture at Mark Wooley gallery on Saturday, 4/14/07 from 10-12. Discussion about Bd sponsorship of event. This had not been previously approved by the Bd. although Bd. members were involved in arranging the event. Jennifer motioned for Eliot Bd. to sponsor the event at 8:49pm, Clint seconded. Motion passed 8:50pm with one opposed.
REMINDER: Do not offer or claim Eliot Bd. sponsorship without prior approval by the Bd.

Committee Reports:
1)Land Use-
a)Discussing laws and regulations relating to neighborhood association
b)Problem with quorum: must reinforce that if miss 3 meetings, off the committee but may be nominated and re-elected
c)Committee meets 3rd Monday of every month, if there are issues to discuss

2)NE Coalition- nothing to report

3)Treasurer’s report
a)$ 3265.63 general fund
b)$ 1215.00 Newspaper account
Note: Accounts were separated to better review newspaper costs and make sure newspaper is generating enough funds to sustain itself

4)Spring Clean-Up: event date: 5/12/07
a)Mailers going out soon
b)VOA volunteering
c)If see lots with junk to be cleaned up, call Chris, 503-284-4392.
d)If willing to volunteer, call Chris.

Community Policing:
Officer Pete Helzer reported the neighborhood is showing the “usual” trends. -Car prowls; rate of occurrence is steady.
-Noise complaints were up 2.
-Portland Pensione: is improving. Tenants are being checked at the police station. If they refuse, they may be evicted. All the worst offenders were removed and there are better managers in place.

-Taggers are back in the neighborhood. Five were caught in the last month. Please report all tags as police will take pictures and log information.
-Graffiti paint out for neighborhood scheduled for 5/19/07. City is providing some workers and supplies but volunteers are needed. Contact Jennifer Jako for more info.
-Graffiti responsibilities: business owners must take clean it up as soon as possible. There are city contracts to help small businesses with cleaning. Large businesses are responsible for their own clean up. Property with graffiti that is not cleaned is eventually subject to fines. Report graffiti on-line at, then search for Graffiti. You may also email photos to Officer Helzer at

-A wanted & dangerous man has been seen at Rodney & Thompson. Picture was passed around: call police if you see him.

-Shooting: over past weekend at Popeye’s. Wounded man asked for assistance at Rodney & Morris. The man was wounded from a stray bullet, intended for someone else. The injury was not life threatening. The police recovered some of the bullet, probably enough to make a good match.

-Neighbors reported concerns of drug dealing at 229 NE Stanton. Neighbors are willing to make reports, were given information and asked to call 502-823-3333 (police non-emergency) to report activity.

-Neighbors reported concerns about homeless people camping at an abandoned house near Elks Lodge. Officer Pete knows them, has encouraged them to move on. He feels new fencing is helping. Report illegal activity by calling police non-emergency if there are problems. Remember: homelessness is not illegal.

PDX Walk of Heroines:
Chris Pool Jones of Portland State University Foundation announced long time Eliot Neighborhood board member and activist Pauline Bradford has been nominated to be included in the PSU Walk of Heroines project. Pauline’s name will appear on a bench along the walk. The walk honors prominent Portland women. Honorees were selected by a committee researching prominent women in Portland’s history. The project is expected to be in process within one year. Donations are being solicited to support the project.  Personal checks may be made out to the PSU Foundation-Women’s Studies, re: PDX Walk of Heroines, or call 503-281-5979 for more information.
Note: Later in the Eliot meeting at 8:20pm, Board member Carol Kennedy offered a motion that ENDA make a $ 100 donation to support the project and honor Pauline. Chris Yeargers seconded. Gary clarified who can vote at a general meeting. Motion passed (28 in favor, none opposed) at 8:22pm.

Gateway Project:
Irene Bowers of PDC spoke about a plan to build a gateway to the community at NE Grand & Hancock.  Heritage markers are planned. There will be a public process for the design, look for meetings to comment on it. Fill out questionnaire on ideas for design, call Irene at 502-823-2419 or look on the PDC web site.

MLK Clean up:
Scheduled for 4/28/07. Flyers were passed out.

Planned Parenthood:
Presentation by David Greenberg, CEO and Anthony Lincoln, PP Board of Directors.  Planning for building just north of Eliot, at Beech & MLK. Have outgrown space in SE PDX. Will be headquarters and health center, retail space on first (street) level. Expect to add 40 new jobs in first few years, will try to build green, hire from neighborhood, will include living wage, minority and women participation in construction in subcontracting. Presentation is info only about the building, discussion about merits of Planned Parenthood beyond the scope and purpose of this presentation or Eliot Bd. and was not allowed. Public comments on PP may be offered at the next public hearing: Wednesday, 4/11/07 at Keizer Town Hall meeting space. PP needs PDC approval to purchase and develop the site.

African-American Health Coalition:
Starting now to announce 5th Annual walk, to be held 8/19/07 in Dawson Park. Neighborhood Boards are being asked to sponsor teams at a cost of
$ 150.  Individuals may register for $ 20. Walk is either 1.5 or 4 miles.   Flyers and on-line registration will be available soon. Will be music, food, family activities. A park permit signature is needed from Eliot president. Group to contact Gary for signature.

Wonder Bread Bakery Site:
Lee Wynn and Mark Nye of Sienna Architecture discussed ideas about development and design for the site. Requested neighborhood input before design draft. They are considering including room for a grocery store and retail shopping, outdoor area for events, some live/work spaces, some rental, some for sale. Mostly 1 bedroom, between 180-200 units and 50,000 sq feet of retail space. Neighbors suggested protected street crossings, assuring access to neighborhoods east of Vancouver, additional parking spaces, bigger units to allow space for families, selling units to offer home ownership. Great concern about safety and appearance, given current difficulties of the area, especially near entrance to Fremont Bridge.
Project expected to take a minimum 1 yr. permitting, 18-24 months construction. Expect there will be more info presented at future board meetings.

Cascadia Housing Development:
Jim Halavah of Cascadia said they are already starting to develop plans for housing units on the site. They have hired an architect and completed a survey. Will be using public funds, offering permanent, low-income housing to people with special needs, i.e. mental illness. Anticipated 30 units. Would like to start working on good neighbor agreement now with Eliot. Expect 2 ½-3 yrs building process.
Eliot agreed to try to work with Cascadia on an agreement. Ben (from Cascadia) motioned at 8:44pm to nominate Jim Halavah to the Eliot Board. Pete seconded. Motion passed at 8:46pm.

Public Comment:
-All are invited to join Reproductive Rights Coalition and to join in their local events.
-Concern about Mid-K Plaza expressed. There is trash, tree limbs, broken glass, dead animals around the site. Neighbors advised to report issues at, search for nuisance to get instructions on what to do.

-Local book discussion on women’s rights to be held soon.

Motion to Adjourn offered, seconded. Unanimous approval. Adjourned at 8:55pm.