Board Meeting Minutes 2007-03-12


7:00 pm Meeting called to order
by Gary Hampton, Chair.
Present:  Howie Bierbaum, Pauline Bradford, Kirsten Jenkins, Clint Lundmark, Chris Yeargers (today’s recorder) Matt Gilley, Eric Aronson, Carol Kennedy and Gary Hampton.

Neighbors: Brian Fugate, Sheila Pete, Hillary M, Erin Howell Norman Haugen, Pastor Albert Wayne Johnson Amiee Johnson and Josh Friedman.

Minutes from February 2007 meeting: Not reviewed yet.

Erin Howell announced that she was having a clothing x-change to raise money for the rebuilding of Morning Star Baptist Church.
Pastor Wayne Johnson Pastor of Morning Star Baptist Church came and gave the Neighborhood Association an update on what’s happening with the church, he said that demolition was starting Tuesday March 13 and that the fire investigators have determined that the fire was not arson, he said that the church is still taking donations and that donations can be made at any Wells Fargo Bank. The board told him that if there is anything that they could do on there end please give us a call.

Community Policing:
Officer not present.

Committee Reports:
Kristin Jenkins reported that at the last LUC meeting the LUC board nominated Clint Lundmark as the new member to join, the Eliot board voted to accept the recommendation from the LUC.
The board excepted the LUC recommendation to accept Mike Warwick as Chair of the LUC
Gary put out to the board if they wanted to explore having the city look at
a)Existing property that is not properly zoned
b)Re-zoning property around the Portland Public School Blanchard site
c)Look at the design of in fill housing

NE Coalition
Pauline Bradford Eliot’s rep to the NECN explained the grant process that NECN gave out last year 2006 and said that there may be money for 2007. Pauline also stated that she needs a 2nd person to attend NCEN meeting

Plans for 2007
Spring Clean-up: Chris Yeargers reported that May 12 has been reserved for Eliot’s 2007 clean-up; he was going to talk to Serena Stoudamire Emanuel Hospital rep to reserve the lower parking lot.  Chris stated that Metro is making  a request for associations who are involved in the clean-up to be more accountable on the  recycling items that we take we will talk more at the April meeting.

Dawson Park concert Series: Gary reported that he had attended the kick-off meeting and that there was another meeting tomorrow to discuss budgeting items for the 2007 series, he will  a update at next months meeting

Zoning change issues: we discussed and want to have Debbie Bischoff come and explain more

Up-date Eliot’s by-laws: Gary explained that Eliot’s by-laws  needs to be reviewed, Clint Lundmark asked Gary if he could send a copy to be put on the web site

Welcoming Committee for new neighbors: Gary asked if the board would like to have someone on the board  put together a committee to welcome new residents to Eliot, Kristen Jenkins said that she would like to help but it did not go any further.

Wonder Bread/Continental baking Co: Chris Yeargers said that the had been in contact with the architect/ Construction contractors Sierra Construction about the Wonder Bread Bakery site, he said that a developer out of Washington purchased the property and thought that it would be a good idea to give them a call and invite them to the next Eliot Board Meeting, Gary said that he would contact them.

Boise/Eliot School: Chris Yeargers said that Boise Eliot school was going to  a  implement a school uniform for the kids and asked if Eliot Neighborhood Association would like to make a donation to the school for the kids who could not afford the uniforms, Gary said before Eliot makes a donation he would like to check on what and when this is going to happen.

Meeting Adjourn at 8:45pm