Got Graffiti?

Got graffiti on or around your property? Graffiti is a problem not only in Eliot but throughout the Portland area.  Do your part to help eliminate it!    Here are the “3 R’s” to graffiti abatement – Record, Report, and Remove…

Record information about the graffiti, such as when it occurred, details about where it is, how big it is, the structure and surface type that was tagged, graffiti media such as paint, pen, grease pencil, etc, what is says, and if possible take a digital picture of it.

Once you have all the information recorded go to the Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement Graffiti Abatement page and report it.  Be sure to include all details and upload a digital picture if applicable.

If the graffiti is on your property or with the property owner’s permission, remove it. Removing graffiti promptly reduces the chance of recurrence.  Use a safe process to remove the graffiti or paint over it with color matching paint.  You can also check-out a removal kit from the Station 13 Lloyd Center Fire Station.

More information about graffiti abatement can be found on the Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement Graffiti Abatement web page – there is also a link to it on our web site under Useful Links.