Board Meeting Minutes 2007-06-11


7:00 pm Meeting called to order by Gary Hampton, co-chair.
Present: Board Members: Pauline Bradford, Marie d’Hulst, Gary Hampton, Jennifer Jako, Kirsten Jenkins, Carol Kennedy, Clint Lundmark, Naomi Sacks, Matt Svymbersky.

Neighbors & Presenters: Pastor Carland Allen, Rena`Allen, Elise Bartow, Joe Bergen, Kay Blesener, Steven Chaney, Sarah Cloud, John Collins, Daniel Deutsch, John Engleheart, Brian Fugate, Officer Pete Helzer, Faraji Hannah-Jones, Nicole Hannah-Jones, Andy Idsinga, Calvin Kyles, Gigi Lascurettes, Jeff Laux, George Lozovoy, Teri Masters, Mike Miller, Lee Perlman, Ben Root, Franco Rosete, Ben Rudin, Steve Simpson, Sarah Tomlin, Travis Tuerckmorton.

Minutes from May, not available yet.

Announcements: (Reported at close of meeting)
1)    Dawson Park improvements- work on gazebo went out to bid but there weren’t any bidders. Will try again in fall. Plans include better lighting and removable benches.

2)    Russell St. improvements- in process. Work is going out to bid for lights in the under crossing, other improvements. Completion expected within a few months.

Committee Reports: (reported near end of meeting)

1)    Land Use-No report.

2)    NE Coalition-by Pauline: hiring new director, closing for summer, election of officers coming up, Eliot needs another rep on NE Coalition: volunteers contact Pauline or Gary

3)    Spring Clean-Up: Net $ 948

4)    Dawson Park Concert series: on track, collaborating with Peninsula Park and will alternate venues, have bands scheduled as follows:
a)    7/11/07- opening in Dawson Park- Aguamiel (Cuban band)
b)    7/18/07-Pennisula Park-Shanghai Woolies
c)    7/25/07-Dawson- Live Warfield
d)    8/1/07- Peninsula- Connie Bierberach & Armonia Latina

PICA- Time Based Art Festival:
Elise Bartow- TBA Coordinator
Scheduled for 9/6-9/16/07. Wonder Ballroom will be a main venue for events and activities. The Ballroom will be open every night during this time with events lasting until 1:00AM, outdoors. Plan is for a outdoor beer garden, possibly lights and sculpture. PICA has a noise variance permit but will not be using amplification outside. They will be hiring security and have many volunteers assisting to try to minimize disruptions.
Neighbors expressed concern about potential noise and parking in residential area but also support for arts. Contact Elise Bartow, site coordinator at 503-799-5195, with issues, now or during event. PICA was urged to do some neighbor outreach and share information, make efforts to reduce community impact.

Community Policing:
Officer Pete Helzer reported on an incident on the night of Saturday, 6/11/07 to Sunday 6/12/07, early AM at 65 NE Stanton. A graduation party of many (estimated near 100) young, underage adults involved drinking, gunshots, fighting and fighting with the police near the corner of Rodney & Stanton. One person was superficially wounded by a gunshot. Police found about 25 shells and bullet fragments from a variety of guns.

Incident happened at space that is used by Friends of Children but owned and operated by Youth Resources. The event was private, not a Friends of Children event. F of C staff said this event was not associated with their organization in any way. Youth Resources rental policies prohibit alcohol and are supposed to start winding up at 10pm with closure at 11pm. These policies were violated.

Neighbors had a variety of concerns including: security, lack of adult supervision, underage drinking, violence, noise, litter. Not all neighbors had the same concerns: some feel that there is a certain amount of activity and noise that is inherent in city living. Others observed that there was some screening for drugs and alcohol before participants entered the building. People agreed that further discussion is warranted. Youth Resources management and Friends of Children staff want to participate in any future discussions.

former ENA board member shared that there is a Good Neighbor Agreement and conditional use permit for the building. Gary will look up the documents and either bring them back to an ENA meeting or set up a separate meeting for further discussion amongst interested parties.

Steve Chaney, Operations manager for the building, said that if anyone has concerns about events or incidents at this site, please call him, anytime, at 503-310-1401.

Master Plan for Dawson Park
-George Lazovoy of Portland Parks & Rec
Money is going to be available for improvements to the Park. Neighbors are invited to help develop a plan for the park improvements. 2 meetings are planned:
Wednesday, 6/27/07. 6:30-8:00pm in the park. Agenda: identify park issues
Wednesday, 7/11/07- no time set. Emanuel MOB room. Agenda: options to resolve identified issues
Wednesday, 7/25/07-at concert at the Park will have info available and preliminary costs identified. Plan may be refined over time. PP & R will do mailing and marketing to assure as many park users and interested parties are involved in the planning and decision-making. Gary will contact some park users as well.

Ivy St. Bakery Blocks
-Jeff, Travis & Franco of Sienna Architecture
Reported on plan progress. They have found a way to add an additional 180 underground parking spaces. There won’t be an access off Cook St as it’s too congested and busy already. There’s still no interest by larger grocers due to lack of surface parking. Sienna is still looking for grocers; a smaller or local only vendor may be more likely and viable. Contact Tom Jeleski if you know of a potential vendor: Gary has his email address.
They are still planning a variety of different types of structures: townhouses, lofts, flex spaces, some smaller (500-600sq ft) possibly suitable for older adults, some larger with potential for families. Expect minimum 9 ft ceilings. Mix of owner and rental units. Will be 2nd story garden with commons area, workout area. Plan involves recycling & reusing materials from the existing building as much as possible, also looking at solar energy options. Neighbors commented they appreciate and commend Sienna for involving the neighborhood early in the design process.

N, NE Ivy Charter School
-Andy Idsinga of Charter School Committee
Volunteer parents and professionals are trying to start a new charter school. The proposal is for a public, Montessori school. Most other Montessori schools are private and have tuition fees. This school would not. Admission would be by lottery. They intend to start with 60 children and grow to a census of 240 serving grades 1-8. Montessori schools use an alternative method of education based on the educational philosophy of Maria Montessori. Andy came to inform the neighborhood. The proposed school does not yet have approval from Portland Public School or a site. They will be looking for a site in N or NE Pdx though. More information is available on their web site at:

Lloyd District Street Car Loop
Due to lack of time, discussion was tabled until the next ENA meeting. Gary will put this item on next month’s agenda.

Motion to adjourn offered by Carol, seconded by Matt. Unanimous approval. Adjourned at 9:10pm.