Board Meeting Minutes 2007-07-09


7:04 pm Meeting called to order by Gary Hampton, co-chair.
Present: Board Members: Howie Bierbaum, Pauline Bradford, Matt Gilley, Gary Hampton, Kirsten Jenkins, Clint Lundmark, Naomi Sacks, Laurie Simpson.

Neighbors & Presenters: Pastor Carland Allen, Rena`Allen, Joe Bergen, Duncan Campbell, Kathy Clemen, Robin Denburg, Karl Dinkelspiel, Brian Fugate, Emily Gardner, Paul Maresh, Ethan Medley, Sharon Miller, Lee Perlman, Mike Warwick.

Minutes from June, not reviewed yet.

1)    Announcements: None.

Committee Reports: (reported near end of meeting)

1)    Land Use-No mtg last month, no issues.

2)    NE Coalition-not meeting in summer.

3)    Dawson Park:

a)    Concert series: starting this Wednesday, also 7/25 @ 6:30pm. On track, collaborating with Peninsula Park and will alternate venues, have bands scheduled as follows:

7/11/07- opening in Dawson Park- Aguamiel (Cuban band)
7/18/07-Pennisula Park-Shanghai Woolies
7/25/07-Dawson- Live Warfield
8/1/07- Peninsula- Connie Bierberach & Armonia Latina

Gary will be the MC. There may be an ENA table.  Next year there may be 4 concerts at Dawson if there are enough donations. Donations will be accepted at this year’s concerts.

b)    Master Plan:
A wish list is being created. Suggestions include wading/shower pool, fixing bathroom main, more accessibility for wheelchairs. The first planning meeting was well attended with a variety of users and interested parties (ranger, police, residents). At the 7/25 Dawson concert, planners will present preliminary information. Once the Master Plan is done, the park changes will occur.

Heritage Marker on MLK- Pauline
Planning for gateway and markers along the median of MLK. P suggested that the history of the area should not be overlooked. Any markers should reflect the struggles of people and markers should appeal to tourists to bring them into the neighborhood and learn about the history of the area.

Street Car Meetings- Gary
Gary has been attending these meetings. The plan is for the streetcar to originate in the Pearl, go up Weidner/MLK, then south to OMSI on 7th.  Funding is an issue: operation of streetcar is private, needs a plan with more funding and will be approaching the city. Bus service on the #6 may be cut back from every 6 minutes to proposed plan of every 13 minutes. Streetcar might run every 8 minutes. No one has looked at the number of bus users during peak periods. Tri-Met has been silent as they could save about $ 400,000 due to service cuts.   Gary suggested that streetcar proponents consider going north on MLK to PCC. Another proposal would eliminate Lloyd Center from the fairless square. Some Eliot residents and businesses may have to pay a tax: it’s not fully clear yet who or how much.

BTA Bike Boulevard- Emily Gardner
The BTA is considering a proposal to designate all of Rodney as a bike boulevard. Bike boulevards are slower streets, which are chosen to appeal to a wider group of riders including those who have safety concerns not fully addressed by current bike routes. Other NE streets are also being considered including Mason, 9th, 11th & Tillamook. If designated, the street gets marked and safety features, such as speed bumps, traffic circles and 4 way stops can be added. BTA rep said would be face-to-face outreach to all residents living on Rodney and community meetings in October. There will also be 4th Wednesday bike rides on potential bike boulevards. Mixed response from meeting participants: many are interested, some are supportive, some feel that turning 3 adjacent north-south routes into bike routes (Vancouver & Williams are already bike routes) is problematic given the neighborhood only has 4 major avenues or that Rodney is too narrow and busy.  Contact: Emily at for more info.

North Portland Greenway- Paul Maresh
Proposal to make a greenway from Cathedral Park to the Eastbank Esplanade. Paul proposed that ENA endorse the trail and gave maps. Due to time constraints, he will come back to ask for official ENA endorsement at a later ENA board meeting. In the meantime, residents can write letters of support. Further information is available at

Youth Resources/ Friends of Children –Duncan Campbell, Rena` and Carland Allen
Follow up to shooting. All rental events in the next few months that can be have been cancelled. Information will be provided to neighbors in advance of events that cannot be cancelled and the event time will be shortened (over at 9pm). Duncan said the organization is planning for the future of the building and the use is expected to be more limited. Over the years many community meetings and events have been held there that were of benefit to the community. They would not want these types of events to be restricted. Gary said that the city and the Office of Neighborhood Involvement can’t find the conditional use permit. Lee said it exists and there is also a Good Neighbor Agreement. Mike remembers these too and given the residential zoning, the use of the building for non-school events such as rentals are not permitted without a conditional use permit. Mike said he would work on finding the documents, Clint suggested the LUC should discuss the issue. LUC will discuss these matters and bring information back to the full ENA board at a future meeting.

Grant Warehouse- Karl Dinkelspel- PDC
PDC bought the building in 2004. It is in the urban renewal business. PDC has a concept for the site and is trying a pre-application process. The plan includes 34 spaces with townhouses (1400 sq ft, 3 bedroom, 2 parking spaces) and live-in/work spaces (975 sq ft with loft 300 sq ft). The live/work spaces will have removable walls so they can be combined. The prices and the unit mixes aren’t clear yet. They could be owner occupied or rented from the owners. PDC will meet with MLK advisory committee. There will be a pre-application conference on 8/14 and they need input from a citizen’s advisory committee to develop a request for qualifications. They would like 1-2 representatives from Eliot. Meetings will start in September. Matt Gilley and Christine Charneski are interested.

Interactive Theater Project –Cathy Clemen
Grant based project with NE Coalition, possible theater event and/or meeting recorded for TV, topic: Mental Health and issues of discrimination and neighborhoods. Cathy asked if they could do a sample at an ENA Board meeting. Bd declined.

New Board Members
Pauline nominated Steve Simpson to be new co-board member with Laurie Simpson. Matt seconded.
Kristen nominated Brian Fugate as a new board member. Howie seconded.
Both motions passed at 9:03pm.

Motion to adjourn offered by Pauline. Unanimous approval. Adjourned at 9:10pm.