LUC Minutes 2008-02-18


Land Use Committee Meeting Notes
February 18, 2008
Emanuel Hospital, Medical Office Building

Introductions and Sign in (refer to sign in sheet for attendees)
Agenda was approved
Meeting notes were approved

Legacy IMP Presentation by Sarena, ZGF representative, et. al.

Project genesis: need to expand pediatric services (incl. neonatal) and reinstate self as leading edge.  Patient dissatisfaction with 2 children / room, complaints about care, often over capacity and rooms are tripled, no privacy for moms taking care of babies.  Windows out of code, whole facility needs to be brought up to new code.

New 7 story pediatric tower:
New lobby.  Internal to campus so legacy not too concerned about height.
Total net increase in beds (since currently doubling up) is 21. The new building will have 160 new rooms –referred to as ‘beds’.   The tower does not create any interference with views of existing structures in the neighborhood.  Rooms average 300 sf / room.

New parking structure:
427 cars, 3 stories -designed to accommodate additional 3 stories (structural will be part of phase I).For staff and patients.  Carpool plan and bike program at legacy.  Will talk to red cross about sharing parking –not ready to commit.

Remodel existing structures:
Convert pediatric area into adult beds and adult intensive care, bring facility up to code.  Was 140 beds, will now be 45 beds (need to verify).

Site improvements:
New landscaping on Gantenbein, outdoor lighting, Internal circulation.
2 new curb cuts on Kirby.  Bike parking exceeds and will continue to exceed code.

City height requirements:
Submitted their ‘interpretation’ of IMP height requirement for the tower.  Legacy claims the city never set a limit on buildings inside the campus –only on periphery.  Currently waiting for City to respond.  They will appeal the height if the City interprets the IMP differently and does not allow the 7 stories.  Between Vancouver and Willimans, 100’ ht is allowed.

Not brick, too expensive.  The ‘skin’ will be light in color –optimistic building– a reflection of community around, one feels good about going there.

Green guide to healthcare, a guide for long term operations.  Leed is designed for commercial buildings –conflict w/ hospitals (w/ use of processed water, special operating conditions, etc.).  LEED is currently developing a guide for healthcare that is modeled after the green guide mentioned above.  OHSU at south waterfront is LEED but is a medical office building, not inpatient.

No substantial projects (or ENA reviews) over last few years until now.  Started 6 to 8 months ago.  3-4 yrs overall from start to finish.  1 year to submit for permit.  About 200 million facility.

Traffic Impact::
No impact on Vancouver –currently congestion but very few new trips added.
Kittleson did traffic strips.  ENA will recieve and review Kittleson’s report.   Acess is on gantenbein, secondary on Monoe.  Min. new traffic based on new bed count.

Legacy IMP Discussion

Height is an issue –concerned about setting a precedent for other tall buildings in neighborhood,
but better to go up instead of out, and no houses behind it.  Bill Reed owns a lot of houses nearby.
Need to check view corridor from park.

Need to get kittelson to attend LUC meeting to discuss traffic impact.  Concern about the two Kirby curb cuts since occur where street curves.

Number of rooms:  Will there be 1 bed/room or will 300 sf rooms double up (size will easily accommodate 2/room).  What is the real number of new beds and resulting traffic impact?  Legacy projects 65 overall new beds in next 4 – 5 years.

Kittelson was not aware of the Russel Street improvements –they will retrieve and review report from the ENA website.  Kirby will become a ‘T’, 3 –way stop.  LUC requests more landscape on Russel st.   Legacy not willing to commit, but will consider it.

LUC requests strong involvement in design process.  Legacy said LUC will have as much design input as they did for the parking across from OMB (LUC was very involved in this).

Parking impact on neighborhood:  staff and patients currently park outside facility.  Request for Red Cross to share parking since they are overloaded.

Construction impact on homes:  normal hours of operation, cranes, etc.

Parking structure screening: will be similar to the last parking structure they built.

Ground floor windows:
Emergency dept. –windows at waiting areas –more welcoming than current ER.
Main lobby on east side with winodws.  Not all crisis patients so more like typical lobby, not emergency center.

Staging area:  Will use their vacant green lots on Williams/Russel/Vancouver and will restore back to current condition at end of construction.

Plans for vacant green lots:  No long term plans.  No plans to sell, but have been approached.

Interviewing contractors, standards like providence and tri-met will apply, continually keep equal opportunity list updated.

Community outreach representative from legacy nurses union (United nurses of legacy) said they organize care, not wages.  Promote a safer environment for patient care.  Legacy is only system not unionized.

Landscape:  Much more landscape –different character (about 20% more).  More pedestrian friendly, nice materials, especially on Gantenbein.  Will add sidewalk.

minutes taken by Laurie Simpson