Board Meeting Minutes 2008-07-14


7:02pm    Meeting called to order by Gary Hampton, chair.

Board Members present:  Joan Ivan, Julia Peters, Clint Lundmark, Gary Hampton, Kirsten Jenkins, Brian Fugate, Jim Hlava, Naomi Sacks

Neighbors and presenters:  Odie Canada, Lee Perlman, Allem, Brant and Joelle Graff, Ray Roos and Jenny

1.City Announcements were passed around and voiced below:
a.VOA Block Party will be August 19 from 4:30-7pm with lots of food, music and games for the kids.  All are welcome!
b.Check out the website at
c.Roy Roos is the author of The History of Albina.  He is looking to pre-sell books.  Eliot is featured prominently.
d.August 5th at 9am at the 1900 4th Ave Building:  Meeting to discuss rebuilding/conditional use of Morning Star.
e.August 22nd at Irvington Park at dusk, go see “The Mask of Zorro.”

2.Community Policing with Officer Pete Helzer
a.Ofc. Pete Helzer is back on patrol (not on car theft detail) and could not be present tonight.
b.Contact if you have questions.
c.    Joelle and Brant Graff came to ask feedback on how to deal with a man sleeping in his truck outside their home on Fargo.  The police have been called repeatedly but no action taken.  Gary will contact Ofc. Helzer and suggested going through the Parking Patrol.

3.Committee Reports
a.Land Use
1.The hospital plans for a new modern parking garage across from Dawson Park at Vancouver and Monroe.
2.Dawson Park:  Concert Wednesday, July 16 at which the newly refurbished gazebo will be unveiled.  Lots of great guests, free bike helmets for kids, and a VIP tent for sponsors will highlight the concert.  Joan and Naomi agree to help with hospitality in the tent, Allem will provide iced tea.

b.NECN:  Out for the summer.

4.Update Policies
a.Naomi motions to form a committee to review and update ENDA policies and bylaws.  Clint seconds with unanimous approval.  The committee consists of Naomi, Brian, and Clint.  Lee agrees to be a resource.  Please contact Naomi if you’re interested in the committee.
b.Jennifer Wilson will be contacted by Gary to see if she’s still interested.

5.Cascadia:  Jim Hlava reports that Cascadia will become smaller, going from 5 clinics down to 3.  In the next month the decision will be made whether to close Garlington Center (in Eliot) or the clinic downtown.  Clients at Garlington made a passionate, public plea not to close it—no other service providers have offered to step in and fill this niche.  All building projects are on hold.

6. Past minutes
a.Gary moved to approve the following meeting minutes with corrections:  Feb 07, 3/10/08, 5/12/08, 6/9/08, Apr 08.
b.Brian seconded.  Unanimous approval.

7.Next meeting:  Monday, August 11 at 7pm in the Dawson Park gazebo.  Bring ice cream to share.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 7:58pm from Kirsten, seconded by Julia.  Unanimous approval.

Respectfully submitted by Julia Peters, ENDA Recorder, 7/23/08.