Board Meeting Minutes 2008-09-08


7:02pm    Meeting called to order by Gary Hampton, chair.

Board Members present:  Joan Ivan, Julia Peters, Clint Lundmark, Gary Hampton, Jim Hlava, Laurie Simpson, Pauline Bradford, Eric Aronson

Neighbors and presenters:  Lee Perlman, Alem from Queen of Sheba, Ofc. Pete Helzer, Ofc. Sarah Kerwin, Peter Donnolly, Amanda from the Portland Sentinel

ENDA Board July Minutes will be offered for approval at the October meeting.

1.City Announcements were passed around and Public Comment voiced below:
a.Gary is looking for someone to take over as ENDA chairperson.
b.Thanks to Clint, who’s doing a GREAT job on the website:
c.September 10th at 8:30am at Sofa Table Chair (19th and Broadway):  Meeting of the NE Broadway Business Assoc., discussing the possible name change of Broadway.
d.A new rep to the NECN from ENDA is needed.
e.The OCC meets Wednesday at the Convention Center.
f.Another Friends of Trees planting will happen on 2/14/09.  Place an order by mid-December.  Talk to Clint if you’re interested.
g.There are traffic/parking problems for cars and bikes on Russell St.

2.Community Policing with Officer Pete Helzer and Ofc. Sarah Kerwin
a.There has been the usual summer “spike” in crime: an average of 1.4 crimes/day in June, 2/day in July, and 1.6/day in August.  However, there have been no shootings, mostly larceny and tagging.
b.There are still problems with the abandoned houses at 43 and 49 NE Tillamook.
c.Contact or 503-823-5700 if you have questions.

3.    Committee Reports
d.Land Use:  Did not meet.
e.Representatives:  It’d be great if Eliot were represented at city-wide boards by more of our members.  (Gary and Pauline are on various committees.)  Please consider taking on a new role in the community.  Laurie expresses interest in NECN/NECN Land Use.
f.Parks meeting:  Quarterly.  Eliot is slated to get more money in 2009-10 for Dawson.  See Gary for more details.

4.Fall General Membership Meeting
a.Guests slated to come:  President of PCC (educating about bond measure), TriMet
b.Elections will be held; all positions are up for grabs.

5.Policy Update:  Postponed.  Sub-committee will meet in October or November.

6.2008 Neighborhood Small Grants
a.Grant-writer needed.
b.Grants are due 11/3/08.

a.Eliot News:  The newspaper will be delivered soon.  Concerns were expressed that the paper needs to be on a timeline, since it is the primary way of staying in touch with the neighborhood.  Clint will talk to Tony and encourages everyone to write/submit an article.  Joan offers to be a communications committee, if one forms.  Peter is thanked for now doing the layout of the paper.
b.Cascadia:  Jim Hlava reports that the Gresham clinic is now being run by LifeWorks and they hope to see the downtown clinic picked up by Central City Concern.  They’ve cut back about 30-35% and are in a much better place fiscally.  Garlington Center remains open and run by Cascadia.  All building projects are still on hold.

8.     Next meeting:  Monday, October 13 at 7pm.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:12pm from Julia, seconded by Joan.  Unanimous approval.

Respectfully submitted by Julia Peters, ENDA Recorder, 9/9/08.