It’s Snowing!

Dawson Park Gazebo Covered in Snow - 2008
Dawson Park Gazebo Covered in Snow - 2008

Have you noticed the snow? Outside it started falling on Sunday December 14th. Here, on…on  the 15th. Outside, at first, it only accumulated a few inches at best but then it got really cold – in the teens. It doesn’t seem to accumulate much here.

Outside, throughout that first week the temperatures gradually increased and the snow mostly melted away. There was even a little rain and snow mixed, but it has snowed at least a little bit every day since. Then on Saturday the 20th it snowed and snowed and snowed. Followed by several more days of snow – including today. The neighborhood is now covered in a blanket of snow about 12” deep.

It’s also snowing here at! Our newly revamped website will “snow” for a couple of weeks. Like the real stuff outside it eventually does stop. Here, you will see snow fall until about January 4th. Outside, it’s hard to say when it will stop.