Eliot’s Best Patios

As dry, sunny days become more frequent, Portlanders begin to think about how we can make the most of these few glorious months before the dark, damp weather turns us into recluses once again. Good news if you live in Eliot or just pass through on a regular basis. Our neighborhood has some great patios where you can bask in the sun (or hide from it in the shade while still smelling the fresh air). We asked you to name your favorite patio in the neighborhood and here are the results! We planned to publish the top three, but we had a tie for second place, so here are the four best patios in Eliot!

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Spring has sprung

A Letter from the Eliot News editor

Spring has sprung and summer’s coming! It seems hard to believe that summer is on its way soon. Your kids may need some activities to keep them busy so look for the listings of the fun activities at Matt Dishman Community Center this summer as well as the art classes available for all ages at the Irvington Ceramics Club.

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A Weekend of Snow

I grew up in Bend where it snows often. In my 12 years living in the Portland this recent storm is the most snow I have seen here. As I talk to “old-timers” they have a hard time remembering this much snow accumulating and sticking for so long. I love it! My wife and I along with our dog made the most of it over the last few days.

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