Board Meeting Minutes 2009-12-14

Meeting Minutes 12/14/09

7-7:15pm  Potluck
7:15pm  Meeting called to order by Clint Lundmark, Chair.  No introductions were needed as it was a small meeting and everyone knew each other!

Board Members present: Joan Ivan, Clint Lundmark, Julie Woelfer, Julia Peters, Kirsten Jenkins, Jim Hlava, Naomi Sacks, Tamille Lundmark
Neighbors & Presenters: Lee Perlman, Ofc. Amanda McMillan, Lauren McCartney
Review & Approve Minutes:  The November meeting minutes were accepted as corrected.
Board Election: Kirsten nominated Julie Woelfer to be the vice chair.  Julia seconded the motion.  This was unanimously approved.  Thanks, Julie!
Portland Police Bureau: Officer Amanda McMillan of the Neighborhood Response Team reported that there were 46 car prowls in Eliot in November (and only 21 in October).  Most of these were around Knott and Rodney.  Three individuals have been apprehended.  Naomi thanks the officers for their successful efforts.
Brainstorm Ideas to Accomplish in 2010:
*Encourage neighborhood businesses where people spend money
*Concerts/movie in the park/plays in the park
*Take back Dawson Park
*Neighborhood clean-up
*Plant trees
*Historic lectures
*Block Party
*National Night Out
*Healthy living
*Service Outreach
*Welcome bags
*Community garden
*Acknowledge/preserve Eliot’s status as a historic district
*Community involvement
*Rose Quarter Good Neighbor Agreement
*Business outreach
*Food samples from neighborhood restaurants at a meeting
*Russell Street–more use and businesses?
*Cascadia Good Neighbor Agreement
*Connection with city and county government
*Diversity of the board
*Street Fair
GOALS for 2010 (in no particular order)
1.  Host 3 concerts in Dawson Park.
2.  Have a spring clean-up and graffiti clean-up.
3.  Sign Cascadia GNA.
4.  Amend by-laws.
5.  Publish 4 newsletter issues.
6.  Plant 12 trees in the neighborhood with Friends of Trees.
7.  Host home garden workshop.
8.  Reduce Dawson Park crime by ___%.  (This goal was a concern for some that we don’t have enough info or know how to do this.)
9.  Deliver welcome bags 3 times a year to welcome neighbors and businesses.
10.  Have an outreach table at 2 events.
11.  Rose Quarter GNA
12.  Host historic lecture with the AHC/Cathy Gilbraith.  (Maybe Jumptown author Robert Dietsche?)
13.  Reduce graffiti by ___%.
14.  Request zoning change of Russell Street to EXD.
15.  Form two standing committees.
The decision was made by the board to simmer on these goals and revisit them at a future meeting to prioritize them.
Guiding Principles/Guidelines for ENA Goals
*Take back Dawson Park.
*Outreach/community involvement.
*Encourage neighborhood businesses.
*Entertainment opportunities–movies/plays in the park, block party, National Night Out.
*Maintain historical inventory.
Committee Organization: Clint informs us that other neighborhoods have standing committees and sets a goal of ENA establishing two standing committees in 2010.
Committee Reports
Friends of Trees: 20 people have signed up, but only one tree has been sold so far in Eliot.  The deadline to sign up saying you’re interested in a tree is 12/21/09.
Land Use Committee: They have deferred the Cascadia GNA to Clint.  Their focus lately has been the hospital.  The Urban Renewal Areas are being redrawn.
Newsletter: It will be ready the first or second week of January.  Any articles are due to Clint ASAP.
Rose Quarter Stakeholders Advisory Committee: They’ve been looking at an assessment of the Memorial Coliseum and what it needs.  The deadline is January 8th for concepts (even the most basic ones), so get yours in soon!
Board Round Table
*Julia is selling Chinook Books and Entertainment Books, $20 each, for the Al Forthan Recovery Scholarship.  If you’d like to buy one, she can deliver it to your home or work in Eliot!
*Kirsten wondered when the streetcar will be completed in our part of town.  The thought was it’ll be 2011/2012.
*Clint asked if anyone dropped an Eliot flag and map at his house.  Yep!  Kirsten did, as Carol Kennedy is moving away and they were at her home.
Adjournment: Clint adjourned the meeting at 9:10pm.
Respectfully submitted by Julia Peters, ENA Recorder.