LUC Minutes 2009-11-16

Eliot Land Use Meeting Notes

Date: November 16, 09  6:30 pm

Board members present: Mike, Laurie, Clint and Kristin

Presenters: Robert Alexander (PDC)

Prepared by:  Laurie Simpson

Emanuel Children’s Hospital:

Mike distributed renderings of the new children’s hospital tower (that will be in the bond package and used for funding).  If their logo (kite) violates the sign code, they will meet with LUC again.

The tower aligns with Morris so you can see it from Morris Street, but not see most of it from Dawson Park, especially when trees are in leaf.  The south wall of the tower will sit 70 feet north of where the crane is located and run east–west, aligning with Morris.

The siding will be a 1’ x 3’+/- terra cotta panel that looks like brick and appears to fit in with existing adjacent buildings.

Clint wanted it to be clarified that the height of the new children’s hospital tower was not actually ‘approved’ by the LUC at the last meeting.  Mike said this is correct, and that he wrote a letter that said the LUC was displeased with the height and that the grass needs to be restored at the construction staging area when construction is completed (perhaps the letter could be posted on the web site or distributed to the land use committee).

Emanuel Central Utility Plant:

Mike had a section diagram (that was prepared for the LUC) of pedestrian view angles at night and during the day – at night one can see through the upper screen into the building so the interior is visible from the ground up to 16’ high.  During the day one can see through the building to a height of 8’ above the ground.  The group wanted to make sure the screen did not block the upper 8’ of view at night.

Cascadia GNA:

Since Cascadia has moved their administrative staff out and has sublet parts of the building to two social service tenants, Cascadia wrote up a revised draft of the GNA that includes the new tenants.

Clint said there were some minor differences between the old GNA and the new one –he will review both in more detail and get back to Cascadia directly with feedback.

PDC presentation on amendments to Interstate URA and status of OCC URA:

Robert Alexander with PDC gave an overview of PDC’s plan to amend the Interstate URA (Urban Renewal Area) since the OCC (Oregon Convention Center) URA expires in 2013 (PDC’s lending authority will end in the OCC URA at that time).  OCC’s URA primarily includes MLK and the Rose Quarter.  PDC is currently studying and receiving input on which areas within and outside the OCC URA should move into the interstate URA.

There are 11 URA’s, the first 4 had fixed amounts.  Interstate has $100 – $120 million from now to 2021, OCC only has $25 million left (funds were spent on the light rail, etc).  15 to 20% of the budget goes to DOS, storefront grant, etc.  The Rose Quarter would like to be included to throw more funding to the coliseum study, etc.

There are areas in Eliot that are not in the URA so Robert asked the Eliot LUC for input on what areas we would like to see included. Emanuel will probably exclude themselves (state law does not allow condemnation anymore but this is why Emanuel excluded themselves initially). Pockets of MLK were not in the URA before but could be in the new plan.

Advantages of putting homes in the URA include: mitigation funds for lead paint removal, remodeling loans, and loans for first time buyers.  Board members were concerned that the pressure for affordable housing (35% of funds must go toward this) will create a pattern of tearing down single family homes in favor of higher density affordable housing if our housing stock is included.

Generally, the group felt that areas with single family housing (R2 zoning designation) should NOT be included in the URA, and commercial areas within a block or so of major commercial streets such as MLK, Russell, Knott, etc. should be included.   Mike asked Robert for a more detailed map in order to let him know where the LUC supports expansion by suggesting property (lot by lot) within the URA.

Robert strongly encouraged us to spread the word and attend the meetings at Billy Webb Elks Lodge at 6 North Tillamook street:

Meeting Notes and Attendance:

Clint requested that we do some ‘house cleaning’ to relieve the LUC of dead weight and make a quorum easier to achieve.  Mike said he would email the current committee members to ask if they want to stay involved.

The question was asked if LUC reviews transportation issues, the short answer is yes.

Meeting adjourned