Board Meeting Minutes 2010-02-08

Meeting Minutes 2/8/10

7:01pm  Meeting called to order by Clint Lundmark, Chair, followed by introductions.

Board Members present:  Clint Lundmark, Julia Peters, Kirsten Jenkins, , Tamille Lundmark, Angela Kremer, Laurie Simpson, Pauline Bradford, Julie Woelfer, Joan Ivan, Jim Hlava, Naomi Sacks
Neighbors & Presenters:  Lee Perlman, Alex Johnson, Kiel Johnson, Tim Donovan, Jackie Sandquist-Wrangham, Spencer Burton, Meg Neal, Paige Coleman, Imani Mohammed, Ted Buehler, David Suttle

Review & Approve Minutes:  The December meeting minutes were approved.  The January minutes were approved as read.

Community Garden, Project Grow:  Tim Donovan presented about Project Grow and Port City, an arts, farm, and employment program with folks who have developmental disabilities.  They are looking to improve their storefront in the months ahead and improve their access to the neighborhood.  They have garden plots available for rent and would love to see them used by local neighbors.  Plots cost $35/month and are between 80-100 square feet.  They can be rented on a month-to-month basis.  They anticipate hosting some neighborhood work parties in the future as the lots continue to be cleared and levelled.  They also have art gallery exhibitions and will let us know when these occur.

Community Garden Proposal:  Jackie Sandquist-Wrangham reports that there is a vacant lot on the corner of MLK and Morris.  She would like to convert this property to a community garden.  Property Owner Bill Wainwright agrees to carry insurance on the property but is looking for a formal proposal.  The lot has no water.  A water hook-up alone costs $4,000-$8,000.  Fundraising would need to be done.  Jackie attends to garner support for the idea and to see if the neighborhood’s 501 (c)(3) number could be used so donations are tax-deductible.  Jackie’s contact info is and 503-231-2748.  Clint invites her back to talk about financing of the project at a future meeting.

Street Mural Proposal:  Meg Neal proposes the idea of a mural at the intersection of Rodney and Tillamook.  The mural would be painted during City Repair’s annual Village Building Convergence from May 28-June 6.  It would take 1-3 days to paint the intersection with a water-based paint.  Annual re-painting would be needed (it would pretty much disappear after 2-3 years without upkeep).  It could be powerwashed away.  Approval is needed by residents within two blocks in each direction of the intersection.  Miller gives the paint at a 50% discount.  City Repair pays 25%.  Fundraising needs to be done to cover the other 25% and Jen Jako has agreed to help.  There is a potluck Wednesday, 2/10 at Port City to discuss the mural.  For more info, go to or e-mail Meg at

Approve 2010 Goals:  After reviewing the goals that were brainstormed at the December meeting, a motion was made by Angela to have a mid-year retreat and Board goal-setting party.  This motion was seconded by Laurie.  After much discussion, a vote was taken with 4 in favor and 5 opposed.  Motion does not pass.  Naomi made a motion to approve the goals except for the 10% graffiti reduction goal and the 10% crime reduction in Dawson Park goal in order to have more discussion on those two goals.  This motion was seconded by Pauline.  A vote was taken with 7 in favor and 2 opposed.  Motion passes.

Dawson Park Concert Committee:  A committee is forming to pick the bands, organize, fundraise, etc.  (It costs approximately $2,500/concert and Eliot has made a $500 donation in years past.)  The hope is to have 6 people on the committee, including two from Eliot.  Judith Yuckle, Serena Wesley and Pamela Weatherspoon are already on the committee.  Tamille Lundmark and Kiel Johnson volunteer from Eliot.  Thanks so much! 

Interstate URA Expansion:  The Interstate URA is looking to assume the Oregon Convention Center URA areas in Eliot, including Interstate, Russell, Broadway and MLK.  Being in a URA is helpful in business areas, but individuals expressed opposition of expansion into single-family, historic housing.  Laurie moves that “ENA oppose URA expansion into historical single-family residential housing areas.  ENA does, however, support expansion of the URA along major streets such as Russell, MLK, Williams, Vancouver, Knott and Interstate.”  A vote was taken with 8 in favor and 0 opposed.  Motion passes.  Paige Coleman of NECN invites neighbors to participate in upcoming town hall meetings about the possible expansion over the next month at the Billy Webb Elks Lodge.

Memorial Coliseum Concepts:  Clint asks for neighborhood feedback on how to narrow down the proposals for the MC.  There are three areas of consideration.  The first is to keep the box, the bowl or neither.  Neighbors definitely want to see the box stay, and 8 people want to keep the bowl while 2 want to see the bowl taken out.  The second area of consideration is the criteria which the stakeholders are supposed to use in their decision-making:  finance, architecture, memorial, sustainability, flexibility, connectibility, culture, economic impact, and existing RQ uses.  Neighbors are very interested in sustainability and culture.  The third area of consideration is uses of the space.  Clint narrows the 96 concepts into about 30 groupings.  These are how neighbors want to see the space used, from most votes to least votes:  Arena, Arts, Market, Retail, Velodrome, Garden.

Committee and Representative Reports
Friends of Trees:  The tree planting is this Saturday, Feb. 13.  Sign up to volunteer, if you’re interested!
NECN:  Paige and Lauren will come to the March meeting to discuss Solarize NE.  They’re looking for participation from those who’d like solar panels; cost is $300.
Newsletter:  The deadline to submit articles to Clint is March 10.

Board Round Table
*The ENA needs to choose elders to be interviewed by the students from the grant Lori received.  She’ll send an email out to the board looking for suggestions.  Elders need to be picked by the first week of March.
*Lori would like to submit a letter to the city on behalf of Cathay Market for a 10 Minute Parking Zone permit if front of their store.  Lori will defer the topic to the Land Use Committee.
*The next Rose Quarter Stakeholder meeting to discuss the Good Neighbor Agreement will be held Feb 18th.  Angela will send out an e-mail with details.
Public Round Table
*Spencer Burton introduced himself to the neighborhood.  He’s running for City Council.
*Alex Johnson expressed interest in becoming a board member.  Lori nominated him and he was unanimously voted in.  Congratulations, Alex!
Adjournment:  Clint adjourned the meeting at 9:32pm.
Respectfully submitted by Julia Peters, Recorder, with special thanks to Tamille Lundmark.