Board Meeting Minutes 2010-09-13

Meeting Minutes 9/13/2010

Board Members Present: Angela Kremer, Kristin Yates, Joan Ivan, Julie Woelfer, Tamille Lundmark, Clint Lundmark, Alexander Johnson
Neighbors and Presenters: Angela Wagnon, Ashley Wilson, Tom Myers, Jordan Samet, Alan Ashbaugh, Peter Helzer, Mike Warwick, Alan Sanchez, Barry Joe Stull, Richard Hunter, Delana Maxwell, Jim Strasmeyer

7:07 – Introductions

7:10 – Minutes read
•    No quorum for approval [minutes approved later when we reached quorum]

7:15 – Portland Police Neighborhood Response Team (NRT)
•    Amanda McMillan will no longer be our Neighborhood officer, will be replaced by Peter Helzer (Cell: 503-823-5815)
•    Theft from Nike Store
•    Suspect arrested
•    Shootings at 7th Street and Russell
•    Investigations are ongoing
•    Automobiles have been seen at other shootings
•    “Ongoing gang violence of the summer”
•    “In my experience gang stuff surges during the summer-time.”
•    Gang violence is trending upwards
•    More gang violence from 4 p.m. to midnight
•    Transient camp at Hancock and Wheeler
•    Has been vacated
•    Barry Joe Stull wished to hear comments about the transient camp

7:32 – Oregon Historical Society
•    Jim Strasmeyer representing, former head of oral history program
•    Once did an oral history of Charley Maxey
•    At the OHS on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
•    Funding being cut at Oregon Historical Society
•    OHS has helped neighborhood organizations do oral histories
•    For more information about supporting the Oregon Historical Society:

7:44 – Minutes were approved as read

7:45 – Land Use Committee
•    Approve Jason Franklin?
•    “I move that we nominate Jason Franklin to the LUC,” Julie Woelfer
•    Seconded by Tamille Lundmark
•    Voted on and approved
•    Approve the revised rules and procedures that the LUC operates under?
•    Mostly procedural changes
•    “I move that we adopt the proposed rules and procedures,” Angela Kremer
•    Seconded by Julie Woelfer
•    Voted on and approved
•    No more info on project at Graham and Rodney (Cox & Cox)
•    Were going to subdivide
•    Mike suspects that they’re running into financial difficulties
•    First NE quadrant meeting on the Central City Plan on Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at the ODOT building behind NW Natural Gas
•    Mike will be presenting
•    Could include zoning changes
•    Includes a big chunk of Eliot
•    Department of Transportation is funding the planning for the NE quadrant because they want to widen the freeway between I-84 and Fremont
•    Parking issues in Eliot
•    Meters on 2nd and 3rd, per Angela
•    Parking study conducted by Lloyd TMA (Transportation Management Association), numbers pending
•    Could I-5 just be “restriped” to three lanes near the Rose Quarter?
•    Mike says that there’s not an easy solution

8:01 – Graffiti Cleanup
•    The Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI) manages graffiti cleanups
•    Ours will be at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, September 25, 2010 at Dreamers Marketplace at Graham and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
•    Ten volunteers needed
•    “It’s not super, super fun, but it is rewarding,” per Clint

•    Please report Graffiti reporting link on the ONI web page:

8:08 – Reports

Dawson Park Concerts
•    Post concert cleanup going well

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhood (NECN)
•    Hasn’t met since June

King Farmer’s Market every Sunday at 7th and Wygant

•    Light on content
•    Clint would love to see some articles
•    Email to
•    Deadline for fall issue was September 10
•    In danger of not publishing by General Membership Meeting (as is required by the Charter)

Oral History Project
•    No report

Rose Quarter Good Neighbor Agreement
•    Angela attended Community Benefits Subcommittee meeting for future Rose Quarter Development

Rose Quarter Stakeholder Advisory Committee
•    Mayor Adams put together the committee to review redevelopment of Memorial Coliseum
•    Debate over whether the SAC has been disbanded
•    For more information visit: or or the PDC website

Welcome Committee
•    No report

General Membership Meeting
•    Tamille makes a motion: “I move that we change the meeting and make it on the same day that we normally do the board meeting.”
•    The motion is seconded by Joan.
•    The motion is approved.
•    Angela moves that we hold our general membership meeting at the Matt Dishman Center on October 11th pending room reservation to be finalized within one week.”
•    The motion is seconded by Kristin.
•    The motion is approved.

8:20 – Board Round Table
•    Clint reminds the group that board elections will occur at the general membership meeting. Anyone who is a resident or owns a business in Eliot will be allowed to vote.
•    Angela wants the board to focus their energy and have a clear vision on improving Broadway from 7th Street down to the river with slower traffic and better pedestrian access.
•    Delana from Jefferson High School announces the Rose City Music Festival to be held at Jefferson High School on Saturday October 2nd from 2 p.m. – 10 p.m. Proceeds go to the Jefferson cluster of schools’ performing arts departments. If you have a child in the school district, they get free admission from 2 – 6 p.m. They will also be taking instrument donations. Other fund raising concerts include Pink Martini on September 25 at the Ford Memorial Building and Mike Phillips on October 1 at the Mac Club.
•    Barry Joe Stull introduces himself as a homeless man who is concerned about the number of homeless in Portland and the long waiting lists for shelter. He wants to work with the neighborhood association to create a city park for bicyclists to camp near the city- and school-owned lots near North Hancock and Wheeler.

8:37 – Meeting adjourned

Respectfully submitted by Alexander Johnson