Annual Irvington School Auction

By Diane Lechner

Music, art and literacy, three academic areas that many assume to be part of a K-8 school’s curriculum.  Due to budget cuts school communities now fend for themselves, finding creative ways to fund programs that have fallen off the curriculum.

Irvington School’s Auction strives to raise enough money every year so that its children can enjoy programs in music, art and supplemental literacy. As we prepare for our next auction, we are asking you for help:

Please sponsor our auction.  Whether you are a family in the community or a business owner, we are grateful for sponsorships of all levels.

Donate goods or services.  We have so much talent and so many resources in our community.  What can you offer that the school might be able to auction?  A beach house?  Music lessons?  Possibilities are endless.

Come to the auction and enjoy yourself.  This year’s theme, “An Evening in the City,” will be held at the elegant Pure Space in the Pearl on March 11, 2011.

We would love to hear from you at  As many of us know, a strong community school makes a community even stronger.