Board Meeting Minutes 2010-12-13

Eliot Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting: December 13, 2010

Board Members Present: Kirsten Jenkins, Joan Ivan, Kristin Yates, Maria Roselle, Angela Kremer, Barry Joe Stull, Clint Lundmark, Tamille Lundmark, Julie Woelfer, Laurie Simpson, Pamela Weatherspoon

Community Members Present: James Ragsdale, Emese Ilyes, Paige Coleman, Lee Perlman

7:00: Meeting called to order by Chair

-November Board Meeting minutes read

-Angela Kremer corrects that she attended the “CBA” meeting last month, not the the “CNA” meeting as recorded

-Barry Joe Stull moves to approve the minutes with the correction

-Pamela Weatherspoon seconds

7:08: November minutes approved by board

7:10: Community Garden Grant Update (Pamela Weatherspoon)

-LDCA approached Legacy VP of Community Relations and others about land for community garden. One piece of land can potentially be given (on Russell, West of Vancouver, where there are no plans for development). Meeting was  successful, but pending higher approval. Working on drafting a 5 year lease agreement.

-Board and community members discussed various concerns about access to the  garden and expenses to Eliot residents. Many want to ensure that the garden is   affordable to all, especially those that have been historically shut out. It is noted that costs could be minimized through various grants and partnerships.

-James Ragsdale notes that although ENA is partnering with Project Grow, the community garden would be a separate project to help build a more cohesive Eliot community, improve food security, and offer education to residents.

7:20: Committee Updates

-Joan Ivan gave update on NECN Leaders Conference: Conference included all day session on how to be more effective board members and advocate for your own neighborhood.

-Clint Lundmark gave Friends of Trees update: Has sold 2 trees, 12-15 signed up. Normally average 1 tree per sign up. Deadline is January 10, 2011. Moving slow this year, in part because Eliot is better planted than it has been.

-No report from the Land Use and Transportation Committee

-Kristin Yates gave report on the Safety and Livability meeting she attended. The meetings take place on the second Monday of the month, and all are welcome, especially those that live in Eliot and can be good representatives of safety concerns.

-Clint Lundmark gave Rose Quarter SAC update: Still a lot of work to be done. Next meeting in mid January.

-James Ragsdale gave Oral History update: Interviews have wrapped up for now, although there are still a few neighborhood interviews to complete. Have applied for another grant for a website with audio and maps of interviews, and is working with PSU capstone group that wants to help build website.

-Clint Lundmark gave Newsletter update: 4 issues out this year, which is more than the recent past. Still needing some content for the issue that is scheduled to   drop the first or second week of January.

-Angela Kremer gave Rose Quarter GNA update: In the final stages, sitting down with the City’s facility manager to see if the City needs to be official cosigners. Receiving the community garden grant has been a huge accomplishment for the year.

-Tamille Lundmark reminded everyone that soon the Summer Concert Series Committee will start meeting (in January or February).

7:51: Officer Elections

-Angela Kremer reminds the board that the office of Recorder remains vacant and needs to be filled. She suggests sharing the role.

-Clint Lundmark urges that the position needs to be filled, as the Recorder is technically the official signer on all ENA documents.

-Angela Kremer nominates Maria Roselle.

-Barry Joe Stull seconds.

7:56: Board elects Maria Roselle as new Recorder

7:57:  Board Round Table Topic  “Everything Eliot Committee” (Angela Kremer)

-Board and community members discuss how such a committee would work with the existing Board structures. Questions were raised about how we can be inclusive and involve as many individuals and groups in what is going on in Eliot (including private businesses and new community partners). Further discussion to follow.

8:16: Closing updates and remarks

-Angela Kremer suggests that all ENA meetings occur at Project Grow from now on.

-No decision reached, meeting will remain at Legacy until further discussion.

-Paige Coleman reminds everyone to send updates on Eliot happenings to the NECN website to increase outreach.

8:25: Meeting adjourned