Board Meeting Minutes 2011-01-10

Eliot Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting: January 10, 2011

Board Members Present: Angela Kremer, Mike Doherty, Maria Roselle, Kristin Yates, Alan Sanchez, Kirsten Jenkins, Julie Woelfer

Community Members Present: Lee Perlman, Paige Coleman, Officer Helzer

7:09: Meeting called to order by Chair, followed by introductions

-Members paired of to discuss intro question: “What three issues do you think   Eliot needs to address in 2011?”

7:17: December Board Meeting minutes read

-Kristin Yates corrects that Safety and Livability meetings occur on the second Monday of every month, not Tuesday

-Mike Doherty moves to approve the minutes with the correction

-Kristin Yates seconds

7:24: December minutes approved by Board

7:25: Agenda Updates

-Mike Doherty moves to add Officer Helzer to the Agenda

-Kirsten Jenkins seconds

-Angela Kremer moves to add discussion about changing ENA meeting location

-Mike Doherty seconds

7:28: Neighborhood Safety Report (Officer Helzer)

-Crime for December was up compared with last year, mostly theft.

7:33: Committee Updates

-Angela Kremer gave Land Use and Transportation Committee update: Invited those interested to participate in the Williams/Vancouver Pedestrian Bicycle Study.

-Paige Coleman gave NECN update: Going through 4 month long strategic planning process. Residents might receive a survey and they are encouraged to complete it. There is a new committee called the Safety and Livability Team (SALT).

-Lee Perlman gave Newsletter update: could use more people to get the current issue out.

-No Oral History Project update

-Angela Kremer gave Rose Quarter GNA update: Still in process, but nearing the final stages.

-No Rose Quarter SAC update.

-Kristin Yates gave Safety and Livability Team update: Invited everyone to the People on the Move Forum on Jan. 31st.

7:50: Eliot Central City Plan and Eliot Neighborhood Plan Update

-Formal discussion POSTPONED until February meeting

-Informal discussion of how Neighborhood zoning has effected development: Board expressed a desire for more information about zoning and Eliot Neighborhood history. This information should be made accessible to all Eliot residents.

-Effort should be made to engage more residents in the Association

8:16: Discussion about changing meeting location to Port City (Angela Kremer)

-Board and community members discussed impacts a change in location might have.

-Members would like to see a firm commitment from Port City and certainty that there will be all needed resources (projector, enough tables and chairs, etc.)

-Possibility of meeting at the Dishman Community Center suggested.

-Action tabled due to low meeting attendance.

-Decision to follow at February meeting.

-February meeting will remain at Emanuel.

8:26: Announcements

-Angela Kremer asks whether people would like to reschedule the February meeting due to Valentine’s Day. Members present decide that this can be determined over email closer to the time of the meeting.

-Paige Coleman gave handout with full listing of upcoming events and encouraged everyone to regularly check the NECN website for updates.

-Lee Perlman reminds everyone that on February 2 at 6:00, there will be a meeting about the Citywide Tree Project. Details can be found at

8:37: Meeting adjourned