Board Meeting Minutes 2011-02-21

Eliot Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting: February 21, 2011

Board Members Present: Angela Kremer, Mike Doherty, Maria Roselle , Julie Woelfer, Barry Joe Stull, Jim Hlava, Tamille Lundmark, Clint Lundmark, Laurie Simpson, Joan Ivan, Mike Warwick

Community Members Present: Lee Perlman, Paige Coleman, Jason Franklin, Amanda Morse, Kayla Gill, Alena Paisano, Chris Clough, Matthew Cramer, Noah Carpenter, Laura Wells, Owen Wise-Pierik, Sarah Bercume, Mathew Berkow, Allan Rudwick, Betsy Reese, Anastasya Raichart

7:05:    Meeting called to order by Chair, followed by introductions

-Members paired off to discuss intro question

7:18     January Board Meeting minutes read

-Mike Doherty moves to approve the minutes

-Julie Woelfer seconds

7:22:    January minutes approved by Board

7:23:    Community Garden Grant Update (Mike Doherty)

-Legacy Emanuel is about to sign a lease with Port City Development

-City is willing to transfer funds to Port City as a nonprofit

-Seeking people to be members of the advisory committee

-Angela Kremer notes that plots will be managed by groups not individuals

-Concerns raised as to whether this is still in keeping with the spirit of the grant

-Community garden on Morris will fill the need for a more traditional community garden for residents of Eliot

7:33:    ENA Meeting Location Discussion (Angela Kremer)

-Angela Kremer opens a discussion on potentially changing all ENA meetings to Port City Development on Williams

Pros of moving to Port City (as expessed by those present): space available with screen, projector, and ample room; greater public visibility- located on a well-travelled route that might invite more walk-ins; would be easier to find for first time meeting attendees.

Cons of moving to Port City (as expressed by those present): Emanuel is the historic meeting place of ENA; remaining at Emanuel will help maintain community identity; Emanuel is more central to the neighborhood; Emanuel meeting room is warmer; Relationship between Emanuel and ENA has always been reliable.

-Paige Coleman notes that NECN has a projector that can be checked out for meeting use

-Attendees note that if ENA is to remain at the current Emanuel location, signage should be increased and explicit directions should be added to the website

-Barry Joe Stull moves to relocate ENA meeting to Port City Development

-Mike Doherty seconds

-Further discussion follows: members note that almost all problems with the current meeting venue can be fixed through more signage and utilizing the resources of NECN

7:58:    Members vote, motion fails (9 opposed, 1 in favor)

7:59:    New Eliot Business- Blue House Greenhouse Farm Stand

-Amanda Morse introduces her new Blue House Greenhouse farm stand that will be located on Williams

8:02:    Committee Updates

-Clint Lundmark gave Friends of Trees update: Neighborhood planting happened on February 12. Neighborhood Coordinator position will soon be open.

-Paige Coleman gave NECN update: All those interested in hosting a Spring Clean Up for their neighborhood should attend the coordinator kick off. On March 7 from 7-9 at Concordia University, there will be a meeting regarding the Columbia River Crossing, everyone is strongly encourage to attend.

-Laurie Simpson gave Oral History Project Update: PSU students who conducted interviews are present. They are planning a walking tour/story event for the last weekend in August.

-No update from Rose Quarter SAC

-Laurie Simpson gave Vancouver/Williams improvement updates: Committee meets from 12:00-1:30 on the first Wednesday of every month. All are welcome to attend.

-Tamille Lundmark gave Summer Concert Series update: Series will include 4 concerts to take place every Wednesday in July. Local businesses sponsor the series ($250 minimum). April 1st is the sponsorship deadline.

8:27:    Tamille Lundmark moves that ENA donates $500 to the Dawson Park neighborhood concert series

-Julie Woelfer seconds

-All vote in favor

8:29:    Motion passes, ENA Board approves a donation of $500 to Dawson Park Summer Concert Series

8:30:    Neighborhood Spring Clean Up Discussion

-Participating neighborhoods receive $600 from NECN, as well as vouchers from Metro to cover the dumping fee

-Clean Up must be completed by June 1st

-ENA will do research and schedule a date before the middle of March

8:34:    Land Use and Zoning Overview (Mike Warwick)

-Informational session on how zoning effects Eliot

9:22:    Mike Doherty moves to adopt the positions detailed during his presentation as Eliot’s positions for the Central City Plan

-Tamille Lundmark seconds

-Board votes (8 in favor, 2 abstain)

9:23:    Motion passes

9:24:    Announcements

-Angela Kremer states that members are needed for the Land Use committee, which meets every 3rd Monday at 6:30

9:26:    Meeting adjourned