Crime Blotter – Spring 2011

By Ofc Peter Helzer NRT  & Angela Wagnon ONI

Greetings, everyone!  Now that we have sprung forward and the days are getting longer, we can look forward to better weather.  Spring break for the local school districts is getting started as well, which combines to give us an increased likelihood for more nuisance issues.  Please keep your valuables out of your cars or out of sight and watch out for roving bands of teenagers out tagging.  Also, as the weather begins to change and we start leaving windows open for ventilation, remember to block them in some way, so they only open a little bit and keep the burglars out.

Areas of Recent Concern:

– Upswing in car prowls and shoplifts:  Maybe we can blame it on the economy, maybe increased complacency since the holiday season, but the last couple months have brought a 20% increase in theft in Eliot.  Of most concern was a rash of car prowls along Russell St between MLK and Mississippi.

– Rave Parties:  There are now two locations in the Lower Albina portion of Eliot that are serving as ad hoc venues for electronic music parties also known as raves.   There is one at Interstate and Harding, and one at Kerby and Tillamook.  So far there have been few issues with these events.  We have received trash complaints after every event, and have had some drug overdoses and caught people selling ecstasy.  Since these groups are generally getting the appropriate permits, we are trying to work with them rather than see them go underground as it were.  Please let us know if you identify any other issues.

Recent/Upcoming Events:

– Spring Break:  This is a great time to review your outdoor lighting.  Also, if you are leaving town, have a neighbor collect your mail or put it on hold at the post office, and keep a light or two on timers.


OFC Peter Helzer, NRT

Angela Wagnon, ONI