Board Meeting Minutes 2011-03-14

(Recorded By Mike Doherty)

Eliot Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting: March 14, 2011

Board Members Present: From Sign In

Community Members Present: From Sign In

7:05:    Meeting called to order by Chair, followed by introductions

-Members paired off to discuss intro question.

7:09     February Board Meeting minutes read

7:15:    Mike Doherty has a correction to the meeting minutes (Follows).

-Mike Warwick Doherty moves to adopt the positions detailed during his presentation as Eliot’s positions for the Central City Plan.

7:16: Revised Meeting minutes adopted.

7:18: Proposed New Board Member.

-Allan Rudwick introduces himself as an Eliot Resident who has been interested in transportation issues in the neighborhood and is interested in being new board member.

-Julie Woelfer nominates Allan to Board, second by Barry Joe Stull.

7:19:    Members vote, motion passes (9 in favor)

7:20: Rose Quarter GNA update (Angela Kramer)


o   2 years ago board agreed to draft a GNA with Rose Quarter (March 2009)

o   A year ago had 1st meeting to discuss in October 2009 to develop list of existing conditions.

o   Need for GNA was driven by transportation, parking, and trash issues experienced in southern Eliot.

o   Timing of agreements was driven by central city plan, changes to RUA boundaries, and community benefit agreements.

o   Draft GNA was issued on Wednesday by Angela.

-Board Member Pauline Bradford reminds board that she does not receive email and needs a hard copy of minutes and GNA. Community member Lee Perlman also requests copy of GNA.

-Summary of GNA Sections:

o   Background: GNA parties are ENA, the City of Portland and Portland Arena Management. The Lloyd District Neighborhood Association was not included in GNA since it is mostly made up of businesses which would have differing concerns that the residential neighborhood.

o   Definitions: General Definitions.

o   Operations: Recommendations mostly from the comprehensive transportation plan. General points;

1.      Development of an Oversight Committee with 2 Eliot residents, 1 from City and 1 from Portland Arena Management.

2.      Community partnership projects for the involved organizations.

3.      Anti-Idling education

4.      Air Quality mitigations

5.      Improve Pedestrian access between Neighborhood and Rose Quarter

6.      Incentivize onsite parking instead of neighborhood parking, especially along Williams and Vancouver.

a)      PGE Park has revised plan that targets only events but that may not work here b/c significantly more events.

b)      Oversight committee will report back to ENA on results of parking study.

c)      Public Service Announcements should be done to remind people they are in a residential neighborhood.

d)     History of increased police involvement helped manage the initial parking concerns when new arena opened however, Pauline feels this isn’t being done.

e)      Discussion of extra duty officers.

f)       Discussion of how to get the message out before the fans arrive or park illegally

7.      Noise Impacts

a)      Can only follow city code.

b)      New construction or uses should establish a baseline noise level and threshold.

8.   Litter Impacts

a)      More containers/signs onsite

b)      Containers in neighborhood and 12 hour follow up by PAM crews.

c)      Beautify/Clean up funds have been discussed but ENA unwilling to manage project.

o   Design and Construction:

1.   Currently no requirement for ENA to be part of pre-development discussion on Rose Quarter, we want to be.

2.   Request from City that an ENA resident be a member of any advisory committee.

3.   Consider the quality of life of neighborhood in future planning.

4.   Want uniform Broadway plan/district.

5.   Encourage Rose Quarter businesses compatible with neighborhood.

o   Oversight and Enforcement:

1.      Added Enforcement provisions

2.      Added updates to ENA board

3.      Added a complaint/contact provision and a log to track trends.

-Discussion on GNA occurs including discussion of impact of parking permits, street car parking meters, promotion of local hiring/firms, funding, and how to make changes to GNA if conditions change.

-Clarification that this begins the direct negotiation process and the final GNA will be brought to the ENA board for adoption.

-Allan, Lee and Pauline request revised draft copies of ENA.

8:09:    Allan moves to empower GNA committee to negotiate GNA with PAM and City. Kristen seconds.

8:10:    Members Vote, Motion passes (10 in favor)

8:10: Committee Updates

Neighborhood Clean Up (Julie Woefler)

– Date has been set for Saturday May 14.

-VOA has typically helped, Pamela may be able to solicit help from hospital.

-Julie needs volunteers and trucks

Police and Safety (Officer Hauser)

-January had a lot of thefts. Especially car break ins along Russell and thefts at the Nike Factory Outlet. Tapered off in since.

-Assaults in neighborhood have been domestic disturbances.

-Rave parties have moved from River Street. Group is now getting permits and noise variances at two locations near Russell and Albina. There have been minimal complaints.

NECN (Paige)

-1st Sunday in May is King Farmers Market.

-Discussion of last Thursday concerns on Alberta.

-Concordia neighborhood successfully saved houses.

-Columbia River Crossing impact forum had good turn out (150+).

Oral History Project/Walking Tour (Owen)

-PSU Students continuing on project and are looking for neighborhood contacts. Group gives list of businesses, residents and books that may be relevant.

-Interested participants can contact the group at or 503.927.5044.

Central City Plan Update (Laurie, Pauline, Allan)

– Reconfigure off ramps at I-5 Broadway and Weidler. They have multiple prospective plans. They are looking at how to keep walking/bike access to downtown near Flint.

-Charrette process April 11, 12,13th.

Williams and Vancouver Changes (Allan)

– At this point the discussion is on history and options, no recommendations provided.

-Not looking at removing parking right now.

-Pauline wants to ensure that the many previous studies be reviewed.

Concert updates (Tamille)

-4 concerts hoped for.

– $250 to sponsor.

-Funding needed by April 1st to decide on the number of concerts.

-Donations and sponsorships can still be accepted after 4/1.

Newsletter (Clint)

-4 pages of content needed.

-Need April announcement of general membership meeting.

-Discussion of alternative stories and way to increase content.

-Stories needed by end of week (per Clint’s previous emails)

8:53: Fantasy Video Discussion

-Fantasy Video has leased space at NW corner of Tillamook and MLK at the former Rasmussen BMW. Proposed plan is for a “lifestyle center” with a food cart pod.

-Lease is signed for April 1 and LUC has advised that there is no way to manage content (the inside of the space).

-Discussion if this is the right direction for Eliot? Has there been a negative impact at other Fantasy Video locations? What impression will this business leave as the entrance into Eliot/especially with the new Gateway project at MLK and Hancock? Is vacant space better than this use? Have other communities been successful at fighting this type of operation? With Daycare Center across the street, is there any redress? Is MLK reverting to historic prostitution area associated with Union Avenue (reportedly a second adult shop is opening at Ainsworth & MLK)? What sort of storefront would be acceptable to neighborhood? What will the hours be? How will the food carts operate?

9:20: Kristen moves to conduct outreach to potential partners and property owners to protect the image of the neighborhood.

-Clint feels it is disingenuous to not clearly state the board’s opinion whether or not there is recourse available to the ENA. Discussion ensues.

9:26: Kristin moves to write a letter to opposition to the proposed use of the building as an adult store. Seconded by Clint.

9:27: Members Vote. Motion carries 5 in favor, 4 opposed, 1 abstention.

9:28: Allan Moves to Empower a subcommittee to work with the property owner and other interested parties to construct a façade and conduct business operations in a way that fits the neighborhood. Seconded by Kristin.

9:30: Members Vote. Motion Carries 8 in favor, 0 opposed, 2 abstentions.

9:31: Angela Moves to create an Eliot Visioning Committee to work towards having a neighborhood outreach event in ~6 months.

-Discussion of the need for a committee and what the purpose will be.

-Discussion of who will lead the committee.

-Discussion of the chair’s role in offering motions instead of facilitating conversations and the meeting.

9:35: Motion seconded by

9:35: Members Vote, Motion Carries 6 in favor, 0 opposed, 4 abstentions.

9:36: Announcements and Public Comment.

-Julie: ENA should consider how to engage absentee landowners.

-Paige/NECN: URA boundaries are up for comment. ENA should comment/are due in May. NECN will be forming an economic development committee and are looking for participants (talk to Paige).

-Pauline: African Dinner will be held at Immaculate Heart on May 7th.

– Barry Joe: Comments on the OR Constitution and free speech rights and how it affects the Fantasy Video Discussion.

9:40: Meeting Adjourned.