Board Meeting Minutes 2011-05-09

Eliot Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting: May 9, 2011

Board Members Present: Angela Kremer, Maria Roselle , Julie Woelfer, Barry Joe Stull, Clint Lundmark, Laurie Simpson, Alan Sanchez, Kristen Yates, Pauline Bradford, Allan Rudwick

Community Members Present: Owen Wise-Pierik, Eryn Karpinski-Hoerster, Matt Hennessee, Paige Coleman, Rahsaan Muhammad, Spencer Burton, Lee Perlman

7:07:    Meeting called to order by Chair, followed by introductions

-Members paired off to discuss intro question

7:26:    Allan Rudwick moves that he and Lee Perlman be added as members of the Land Use Committee

-Julie Woelfer seconds

-All in favor, motion passes

7:28:    NNEBA MLK Dream Run (Matt Hennessee)

-Introduced the August 13th Fun Run and Walk, proceeds will go to a scholarship fund to benefit youth in North and Northeast neighborhoods

-Hopes to attract new visitors to the neighborhood

-Seeking a letter of support from Eliot

7:35:    Clint Lundmark moves that the Eliot Neighborhood Association write a letter of support for the MLK Dream Run

-Julie Woelfer seconds

-Discussion follows: will route go through Eliot?

-All in favor, motion passes

7:38:    Committee Updates

-Owen Wise-Pierik gave Oral History Project update: Working on making the walking tour more representative of the community, finalizing points of interest and developing a booklet. Goal is to have no more than 12 stops and have the project finished by the end of the month.

-Julie Woelfer gave May Clean Up update: Will take place May 14, trucks are still needed. Potential of renting a U-haul was discussed.

-Paige gave NECN updates: There is a New Economic Development committee and the next meeting will take place on May 25th at 8:00 am. SALT is collecting ideas for emergency management. The Local Leaders event had over 50 attendees. King Farmers’ Market is now open, Sundays 10 am to 2 pm. All neighborhoods must report how they used their communications funds by June 30th. NECN officer elections will take place in June.

-Laurie Simpson gave Central City Plan update: ENA Land Use Committee submitted ideas on how to spread traffic.

-Allan Rudwick gave Vancouver/Williams improvement updates: There is a proposed narrowing of Williams from 2 lanes to 1 lane of car traffic from Broadway to Killingsworth. Discussion followed: How would this effect street parking? Would traffic overflow into side streets? Straw poll was taken of those present: “Are you in favor of narrowing Williams to one lane?” 7 in favor, 2 opposed, 4 abstained

8:29:    Public Market Plan (Spencer Burton and Rahsaan Muhammad)

-Market would be located at Williams and Fremont and be open 3 days a week

-Would include community garden, stage, and booths for vendors

-Desiring letter of support from ENA

8:53: Laurie Simpson moves that ENA write a letter of support for the Williams/Fremont Public Market

-Julie Woelfer seconds

-Discussion: There is concern about vendors being neighborhood appropriate and desire for more structure and a governing board

8:58:    Members vote all in favor, motion passes

9:01:     Board Round Table (Topic- Building Board Capacity)

9:07:    April meeting minutes read

-Funding for the Gateway Site is $500,000, not $5,000

-Allan Rudwick moves to pass minutes with correction

-Julie Woelfer seconds

-All in favor, motion passes

9:12: Meeting adjourned.