Crime Blotter – Summer 2011

By Ofc Peter Helzer NRT  & Angela Wagnon ONI

Hello!  The weather has finally begun to swing in the right direction, and school is letting out for the summer.  It’s time to remember our basic prevention techniques.  Check your outdoor lighting and watch out for your neighbors.  Just as a reminder, please keep your valuables out of your cars or out of sight and watch out for roving bands of teenagers out tagging.  Also, as we start leaving windows open for ventilation, remember to block them in some way, so they only open a little bit to keep the burglars out.

Areas of Recent Concern:

– Armed Robberies / Assaults:  This is a recent and disturbing increase.  I have not been able to identify a pattern.  The bulk of the assaults appear to be split between domestic disputes and gang related violence.

– Car Prowls:  Last issue I speculated that the increase in car prowls may have been due to the economy or just getting a little lax after the holidays, but the trend has continued.  They appear to be centered around the hospital and Lower Albina.  The spike around the hospital is likely due to the change in parking patterns with the construction of the children’s hospital.  The Lower Albina trend appears to be related to events at the Rose Garden.

– Rave Parties:  Lately I have only received a couple complaints from these locations.  They continue to operate and are obtaining all the necessary permits and variances.  Please let me know of any problems.

Recent/Upcoming Events:

– National Night Out:  August 2nd is coming right up!

– Dawson Park Improvements:  Angela and I attended a meeting with the Parks Bureau and the contractor in charge of the Dawson Park facelift two weeks ago.  They were very receptive to our input on how to make the park safer while improving the look and feel.

OFC Peter Helzer, NRT

Angela Wagnon, ONI