Board Meeting Minutes 2011-06-13

Eliot Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting: June 13, 2011

Board Members Present: Angela Kremer, Maria Roselle , Julie Woelfer, Barry Joe Stull, Clint Lundmark, Laurie Simpson, Kristen Yates, Pauline Bradford, Allan Rudwick, Jim Hlava, Joan Ivan, Mike Doherty, Tamille Lundmark

Community Members Present (from sign in): Owen Wise-Pierik, Paige Coleman, Mike Mason, David Lomax, Arlie Sommer, John Cooper

7:08:    Meeting called to order by Chair, followed by introductions

-Members paired off to discuss intro question

7:22:    Fremont Bridge Closure for Repaving—ODOT (Mike Mason)

-Repaving asphalt on upper deck, 4 weekends will be impacted

-Use Broadway Bridge as an alternate route

-Check for updates

7:28:    Loaves and Fishes Presentation (David Lomax)

-Seeking sponsorship, publicity, and volunteers for September 10th fundraiser in Dawson Park

-VOA can provide volunteers

-ENA can promote event on website, newsletter, and announce at Dawson Park concerts

7:34:    Pauline Bradford moves that ENA sponsor the event at a $500 (table sponsor) level

-Julie Woelfer seconds

-Discussion follows: Will use table to promote the oral history project and other ENA projects, Paige Coleman suggests ENA encourage NECN to match sponsorship

-Vote: 12 in favor, 1 opposed

7:40:    Motion passes

7:41:    May meeting minutes read

-Barry Joe Stull moves to approve minutes

-Allan Rudwick seconds

-All in favor

7:45:    May minutes approved

7:46:    NECN Updates (Paige Coleman)

-Phone number of board member needed to pick up mail from NECN office mailboxes

-Report on how Communications Funding was used is needed by no later than June 28th

-Thursday, June 30th, NECN will host “Just the Facts” conversation with Oregonian reporter Nikole Hannah Jones

-Volunteer appreciation party will be on Tuesday, July 19th from 5-7

-Resource Development Committee needs experienced fundraisers to help raise money for NECN

-Don’t forget about Juneteenth! and Good in the Neighborhood events

7:54:    Committee Updates

-No official crime report, Barry Joe Stull mentions an abundance of car window smashings on Hancock off  Flint St. and would like to inquire about having warning postings

-Julie Woelfer gave May Clean Up update: sponsored by NECN and New Seasons, made about $500, hauled over 10 tons and a couple tons of scrap metal

-Tamille gave Dawson Park Concert update: Volunteers are needed during concerts, ENA will have a table

-Joan Ivan raises concern about amount of trash and desires trash can at Williams and Stanton. She will spearhead effort and talk to haulers, Barry    Joe Stull will talk to parks

-Discussion raised about gear to promote ENA

8:15:    Barry Joe Stull moves to form an ad hoc committee on public relations to explore and investigate resources available

-Clint Lundmark seconds

-Discussion follows: Committee will consist of board members Barry Joe Stull and Mike Doherty

-Vote: all in favor

8:26:    Motion passes

8:27:    Barry Joe Stull moves to fund committee with $200

-Laurie Simpson seconds

-Vote: all in favor, motion passes

8:29:    Committee Updates continue…

-Oral History Project update: Walking history tour booklet consists of 13 stops and is meant to be a self-guided tour, Audio materials are available for checkout at the Dishman Community Center

-Central City Plan update: Still discussing Columbia River Crossing and how to divert traffic from neighborhood but still allow neighborhood access, no decisions have been made yet

8:48:    Potential Street Fair Announcement (John Cooper)

-Will help raise awareness for the Children’s Cancer Association and will have a music therapy focus

-Will take place where Russell, Interstate, and Mississippi intersect

-ENA can have a booth

9:00:    Board Round Table (Topic- Future Vision for the Board)

9:03:    Announcements

-Newsletter will be out in first or second week of July, deadline for submissions is June 15

-August Board Meeting will be an ice cream social

9:05:    Barry Joe Stull moves to have social at 2410 N Mississippi

-Julie Woelfer seconds

-Vote: 12 in favor, 1 abstention, motion passes

9:06:    Announcements Continue…

-“Around the World” food event will take place at Immaculate Heart Church on Saturday, July 30

9:07:    Meeting adjourned