Board Meeting Minutes 2011-07-11


Eliot Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting: July 11, 2011

Board Members Present: Angela Kremer, Maria Roselle , Julie Woelfer, Barry Joe Stull, Laurie Simpson, Pauline Bradford, Joan Ivan, Alan Sanchez, Kirsten Jenkins, Pamela Weatherspoon

Community Members Present (from sign in): Peter Helzer, Patty Richards, Pamela Chipman, Angela Wagnon, Maxine Slaughts, Johnny Engleheart-Noel, Polly Kreisbers

7:08:    Meeting called to order by Chair, followed by introductions

7:10:    June meeting minutes read

-Barry Joe Stull corrects that the car smashings were on Hancock off Flint, not on Flint

7:18:    Barry Joe Stull moves to approve the June meeting minutes as corrected

-Maria Roselle seconds

-Vote: all in favor, motion passes

7:19:    Whole Foods on Fremont Remodel (Patty Richards)

-Large remodel at Fremont Whole Foods beginning July 31st

-Will last 3 months, but there will be no closures

-“Smart Shop” tours are available to anyone interested

-Meeting space for 40 is available to the community if needed

7:26:    Crime Prevention (Officer Helzer)

-Reviewed crime totals since March, numbers are average for the neighborhood

-Car prowls continue to be an issue

-Concern raised about the safety of Dawson Park, Angela Wagnon from Crime Prevention notes that Dawson is relatively safe when compared with other city parks

7:49: Visioning Session Breakout

-Those present at the meeting divided into small groups to discuss three main topics in the neighborhood: Business, Livability, and Transportation. The following priorities and goals were identified:


-More jobs/small businesses

-Grocery store needed- Trader Joes or New Seasons?

-Improve pedestrian access near Williams, Broadway, and MLK

-More mixed used development

-Eliot specific business association

-Investigate Wonder Site

-Job creation (note: hospital has 4,000 employees)

-Hotel for hospital

-Marketing plan


-More bodegas and corner markets

-Less vacant lots

-More veggie gardens, community gardens, or a dog park

-Encourage live entertainment


-Minimize cut-through traffic (more speed bumps)

-Traffic light at Stanton and Williams

-Redesign Kerby ramp

-Connected greenways

-More bike lanes

-Less cars (better public transit)

-Better MLK crossings

8:25:    Committee Updates

-Laurie Simpson gave Oral History Project update: Need new sound recorder. Gathering on August 26th and 27th will allow for more interviews and raising awareness for the walking tour.

-Williams/Vancouver Improvement: Decided to increase stakeholder advisory committee.

-Dawson Park Summer Concerts: People needed to sign up for shifts at the ENA table at each of the concerts.

-Barry Joe Stull gave Public Relations update: Canopies, tables, and chairs are available at NECN. There is a place that can make a banner for $100.

8:48:    Central City Plan Update (Mike Warwick)

-3 year process that updates plans and zoning

-For planning, the city is divided into 4 quadrants, with the NE quadrant going first

-ODOT conducted a “loop study” to review the highway needs of the city

-Updates on the Central City Plan can be found at:

9:03:    Public Comment

-There is a farm stand every Wednesday and Friday from 10-4 on the Emanuel campus

-Next ENA meeting will be an ice cream social at 2410 N Mississippi

-ICURA parks committee needs a representative from ENA

9:07:    Meeting adjourned